Inches & Cubes S2 E19: “Xenos Beware” Faction focus – Deathwatch

We finally have Nick back from his long journey across the stars. In this episode the usual trio walks through a review of the new Deathwatch codex and talks tactics, favourite units, new stratagems and all the goodies along with the usual shenanigans.

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Inches & Cubes S2E18 – “Elysian Fields”

With Nick visiting family in Calgary, Paul & Adam invited in the well known internet pseudonym, Val Heffelfinger, to come in and have some fun discussing the end of a range. Forgeworld has laid a last call flag on all things from Elysia and we wanted to give them an honourable burial.


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Inches & Cubes – Episode 17 – Meta Meta

The boys sit down with Marco from and discuss the history of GeeDubs and the game they love so much.

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Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast: S2 E16 “Playing around” – Let’s create some new 40k games!

We took a different path this week and came up with some fun 40k themed games we would like to see made. The ideas varied greatly and we actually had a lot of fun with different ideas. Take a journey with us as we create our dream games in the warhammer 40k universe.


Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast S2 E15: “Get FAQ’d” Big F.A.Q. 2018 Review

There are a lot of implications with the latest release of the FAQ from GW and it requires some discussion as the internet is exploding with various opinions on the issues presented and solutions given to some major problems in the new meta. This was a great episode and we had a lot of fun tackling these issues. Join in with the boys as we do our usual beer reviews and have fun!

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Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast: S2 E14 “The Dru Khari Show” Faction Focus Dark Eldar

Sit down with Adam, Nick and Paul as they explore the madness, sadism, backstabbing and cruelty that is the Dark Eldar.

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Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast: S2 E13 “A Post Easter Robot Resurrection Discussion” – Faction Focus Necrons

I hope you are ready to jump in on the latest Codex from Games Workshop! The judgement day robot army rises to new levels with this 8th edition revamp and we are excited about some of the new stuff that comes along with this fresh new release.

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Inches & Cubes Ep. 12 – 40K News Flash

With all the news from Adepticon the boys needed to sit down and talk about the amazing stuff coming down the pipeline. New models, factions and somebody getting a plastic makeover. Stay tuned at the end for a very special announcement.

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Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast: “Tuna Taco’s” – T’au faction focus

The new T’au codex just dropped and it is exciting! We all learned so much about the T’au doing the research for this episode and we would love to share it with you. This army is powerful and ready to meet the 8th edition meta. Stay tuned for the usual shenanigans combined with some great craft beer reviews

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Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast: S2 E10 “Magnus Did Nothing Wrong!” A Faction Focus on the Thousand Sons

The boys in blue found themselves with a new codex and some new models as well. Let’s dive deep into the fluff and get a general feel for the new codex. There are some cool new units and some models that weren’t a part of their codex previously that totally change their style of play moving forward. Plenty of value crammed into this episode.

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