Inches & Cubes S2 E26: “The Last Dance” – Harlequin Codex Review

The boys are finally back on the scene with a new episode on one of the latest releases from GW. These performing fanatics are such a cornerstone in the 40k fluff however they are probably one of the most niche armies that are in the mainstream at the moment. There is much to talk about when it comes to the Harlequins so enjoy the latest instalment!



Inches & Cubes S2 E25: “Of Wolf and Man(Kind)” Codex Space Wolves Review

Adam is away so Nick and Paul howl at the moon and discuss their impressions of the newest codex. As always we have fun reviewing craft beers and discussing what we got done in terms of hobbying and gaming.

Enjoy the latest & greatest!

Inches & Cubes S2 E24 – “Chaos Eternal” – The Story of the Chaos Gods

In this episode we get down deep into the machinations of the Chaos God’s. Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaneesh, and Nurgle all have a unique story and background in the Warhammer 40k universe and so we took a couple hours to explore each one of them. There is still plenty more of the story to tell but this is a good head start into the mind of these supreme warp dwelling entities.

See you at our next encounter!

Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast S2 E23 – “The Big Hogs” – A review of the Inaugural Hogtowner

Paul takes some time off this week and Nick invites the two big Hogs from the Hogtowner down for a chat.

Our very own Adam took 2nd best overall and Nick G our special guest and previous podcast correspondant took 1st place overall.

There is much to review including, missions, comp, venue, food, games, armies, and much more.

Stay tuned as we review some craft beers from Ottawa and many others.


Inches & Cubes Podcast S2 E21 – “Taking the Temp of 8th”

Taking the Temp of 8th – With Adam out of town, Nick and Paul catch up with Nick “Space Wolf Nick” G and discuss their impressions of the first year of 8th.

Stay tuned for more great episodes.

With many new releases on the horizon there are an endless number of topics we will be covering in the near future.

Inches & Cubes Podcast S2 E20: “A Knight’s Tale” Codex Imperial Knights Review

In this episode the boys have fun reviewing the many games played at our cottage geekend in rural Ontario. They also dip into the imperial knights codex and give you the skinny on the giant robots of the imperium.

There are a couple of new units to check out as well as some amazing stratagems and other fun stuff that stack up to make some really awesome combos and power house units.

Of course keep up on the latest craft beer and usual shenanigans.

Until next episode!