Encounter wargaming’s youtube channel is fronted by Adam & Jason. Both are passionate about miniature wargaming and bring different strengths to the table.


Jason is a hardcore modelling guy. He loves making crazy conversions and themed armies. Give him a box of junk and he will build you the weirdest creations and make them look awesome. He is also great at making terrain and currently works for Battle Brothers Studios as the “terrain guy”.




Adam loves to paint. He paints fast and he paints well! He is the founder of Battle Brothers studios so contact him if you need help painting your armies. He is a proud dad and husband and just recently started hosting the Inches & Cubes Podcast.



Paul & Nik are two lovely gentlemen that are Hosting the Inches and cubes Podcast with Adam. They are the reason this lovely drama came into being. It took three days of filming 30k games in a sweaty basement to come to the surface but in the end the idea for the podcast was born. Nik is a stellar gamer hence the name “Point and Click Nik” and Paul is one of the best painters we have the privilege to be around.

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