Inches & Cubes Podcast S2 E20: “A Knight’s Tale” Codex Imperial Knights Review

In this episode the boys have fun reviewing the many games played at our cottage geekend in rural Ontario. They also dip into the imperial knights codex and give you the skinny on the giant robots of the imperium.

There are a couple of new units to check out as well as some amazing stratagems and other fun stuff that stack up to make some really awesome combos and power house units.

Of course keep up on the latest craft beer and usual shenanigans.

Until next episode!

Inches & Cubes S2 E19: “Xenos Beware” Faction focus – Deathwatch

We finally have Nick back from his long journey across the stars. In this episode the usual trio walks through a review of the new Deathwatch codex and talks tactics, favourite units, new stratagems and all the goodies along with the usual shenanigans.

Stay tuned for next week!