Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast: S2 E10 “Magnus Did Nothing Wrong!” A Faction Focus on the Thousand Sons

The boys in blue found themselves with a new codex and some new models as well. Let’s dive deep into the fluff and get a general feel for the new codex. There are some cool new units and some models that weren’t a part of their codex previously that totally change their style of play moving forward. Plenty of value crammed into this episode.

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See you at our next encounter!


Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast: “Frag, Marry, Kill” An episode of random questions we all want to ask!

Join us as we recreate everyones favourite school yard pen and paper game with a 40k twist. Hilarity ensues as we all dig deep on some fun questions we all want answers to.

We also present our first official beer sponsor which is pretty special.


Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast S2 E8: “Marion Gulf 30k Campaign Recap”

In this episode we recap the epic 30k campaign that we ran at hogtown this past Saturday and try and pull some principles out to help other people run large multiplayer narrative events.

Hope you enjoy!

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