Inches & Cubes 40k Podcast S2 E3 “Bangles & Dangles” A Blood Angels and Dark Angels Codex Review

Paul, Nick and Adam dive into the two most recent marine Codexes and celebrate the official launch of the livestream of the podcast available here:

It’s fun and full of the usual banter as well as being twice the content during the main topic portion! Hope you enjoy and we’ll see you at our next encounter!

Inches & Cubes Podcast Season 2 Episode 2: “Devil on my Shoulder” How do I switch my play style?

In this episode we tackle the difficult topic of changing your normal mode of play. Some people love narrative play, what would it look like for them to take a step towards competitive gaming and vice versa?

Of course no one has to change the way they play but we wanted to tease out what it would be like if you wanted to switch and give those folks some tips and strategies for making the move.

Hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned for the official launch of the live stream next week!

Inches & Cubes Podcast: Season 2 Episode 1 “Chapter House Rock” A look at Chapter Approved

We are back with Season 2 of the podcast! In todays episode we review the big release from the holidays. Chapter approved in all its glory bring us a bunch of new narrative play support as well as some new 40k missions and some tweaks to matched play.

Stay tuned for January 23rd where we take the podcast LIVE on


See you at our next encounter.