Random Finds – Pulp Figures

By: Kitbasha Jay

The other day my father-in-law passed me some miniatures that he didn’t want. He received them as a door prize at an event he went to and after realizing he didn’t know what they were he asked me if I wanted them. I never turn down miniatures so I said yes.

At first I didn’t recognize them at all. Except that they would probably make great proxies for Slanni in 40k. But my mind automatically always relates things to 40k. What were these elusive iguana men holding automatic weapons? I was determined to find out.

Black Sun Frogs

At first I noticed it said it was from the Black Sun range of miniatures. So I looked up Black Sun. It turns out there is another miniature company called Black Sun Miniatures. They do absolutely stunning stuff and I will likely do a future blog on them…but it’s not the miniatures I was looking for.

The card in the bag also lists Pulp Figures, Rafm Miniatures and Crucible Crush. So I searched those. The first one was exactly what I was looking for. These are the Black Sun Frogs for Pulp Figures.

Black Sun Fish Minh

These figures are apparently sold as part of a game called Weird War Nam. I have yet to find much information on this game as far as the rules and backstory. If I find out more though I will definitely be blogging about it…Now that I know what they are let’s check out the other companies listed on the package.

Rafm Miniatures seems to deal in a range of Cthulhu Miniatures. I wasn’t able to find the exact fish men I had in my possession but I was able to find these amphibious abnormalities. They referred to them as Deep Ones Fish Men.

Fish Men

They also have a few more fish men type figures which I guess they are selling for use as Dagon. For those of you that don’t know those are the minions of Cthulhu. They’re like hybrid fish people. So here we have a Father Dagon and a Hydra Mother.

Father DagonHydra Mother

Crucible Crush have some awesome Cthulhu miniatures too. They have an entire Cthulhu 28mm range. I again didn’t see the original figures I was looking for but they have a whole set of very similar looking fish men. They’re called the Masters of Devil Reef. This is a wicked cool set. I actually wouldn’t mind picking up a set of these.

Masters of Devil Reef

These are wicked cool. Most of the miniatures I see on these pages are not to the level of detail that I’m used to these days. They’re very reminiscent of the way that companies like citadel designed miniatures in the 80s. They still present a nostalgia in a way and the fact that anyone is producing 28mm Cthulhu miniatures sounds awesome to me.

Like I said before, the first thing I thought of was figures to use as Slaani in 40k. With this assortment of sculpts I just may be able to do that. No promises, but it could be cool picking a few of these up just to see what they’re like. In the meanwhile I have three of these sweet little fish men to play around with.

Let me know if you have dealt with any of these companies before. Or even if you’ve seen some really cool looking fish men in a comparable scale that could help me explore the idea of a Slaani army more. Leave a comment below or comment on our Facebook and/or Instagram pages.

Until our next Encounter!

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