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By: Kitbasha Jay

With Orktober coming to an end I thought I’d give our friends at Kromlech another little spotlight. They’ve been releasing such awesome models lately. Every new mini I see from this company makes my jaw drop. The more they develop their Iron Reich Orc models the more I want to completely re-do my ork army.

Kromlech has always been my favourite provider of third party sculpts for Orc models. Their miniatures put citadel to shame at times. Eventually I’d like to update my 40k Ork army to have the WWII theme that Kromlech has pulled off so well. Perhaps a few of the models I’m going to talk about today will find their way into our batreps in the future. So let’s take a look at some of the new stuff from

The first model I want to feature on the blog today is the Iron Reich Warchief. Those that are fans of Kromlech have seen their magnificent Orc Greatcoats. This new Warchief model just adds another level to the awesomeness that is their Orc War 2 line. In fact now that we have a Kromlech answer to a Warboss with the same aesthetic as the Greatcoats it really makes me want to build an Ork army around these models.

Warchief front

Warchief back

This model is absolutely stunning. We all know a Warboss is awesome with a Powerklaw. Even with the -1 to hit he can still bring large models to their knees. This Warboss would look absolutely amazing alongside their Orc Greatcoats. I may have to add one of these to my collection in the near future.

The model is made from a high quality resin, as are all of their models. It stands a whopping 48mm tall and comes with a 40mm plastic base. He comes with a “Krusher” on one arm. The other arm comes with the options for a HMG or a “Brutal Axe”. In 40k terms he has either a Powerklaw and Big Choppa or a Powerklaw and Kustom Shoota. Awesome!

The next model I fell in love with recently is the Orc Chirurgeon on Bike. I had been playing with some Ork lists over the last couple weeks and had thought about resurrecting my Kult of Speed army. Just as I wrote up a few bike heavy lists I went on to see if anything was new. Much to my surprise there was exactly the model I needed. And I need multiples of it.

I love converting. There are so many ways I could convert a Painboy on Bike to complement a Kult of Speed army. This model is so mind blowing that there is no conversion I could do that would turn out better. There is just so much going on with this model that I see something new every time I look at it.

Chirurgeon on Bike

At first I thought he had a little grot buddy riding in the sidecar. This would be perfect to represent a Grot Orderly. Upon closer inspection I realized there is actually two Orderlies in the sidecar. Or perhaps it’s a two headed grot. I’m not sure but the attention to detail is amazing. In fact upon even closer inspection I realized there is a third Grot on the back of the sidecar holding a massive syringe. So Cool!

Grot Orderly on back

This model is full resin much like everything else they produce. In fact it comes with a 105mm scenic resin oval base. Not all their models have that feature. Their scenic bases are absolutely amazing. So to include one with the model is a spectacular bonus. There is so much detail and character in this model that I just want to stare at it for hours. Like I said, the more I look at it the more details I see that I didn’t notice before.

Bravo Kromlech! You have succeeded at amazing me once again. I hope you all enjoy checking out these models as much as I have. Keep ’em coming Kromlech. All us Ork fans are happy to have your extraordinary sculpts to add to our collections.

Until our next Encounter!

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