Encounter Wargaming – What’s coming up?

By: Kitbasha Jay

As we talked about on Monday, Encounter Wargaming is celebrating this week. When Adam and I first started the YouTube Channel it was a goal of ours to reach 1000 subscribers in our first year. We thought it would be an attainable goal and we’ve achieved it. Monday’s blog is evidence that we’ve even gone the extra mile just to provide enjoyable content for our fellow Wargamers.

We released our first video to the public on August 16th 2016. So EW’s birthday was on August 16th 2017. We hit exactly 1000 subscribers just last week. So it took a little more than a year but we have an awesome achievement to show for it. That being said, Encounter Wargaming has room to be so much more. That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Revised Weekly Calendar

Mondays & WednesdaysKitbasha Blog

This is the blog you’re reading. I do my best to provide you all with an insight into my hobby life as it unfolds. This not only lets you know what’s going on behind the scenes but also what to expect from Encounter Wargaming. If I’m doing work on scenery or models on the blog you can expect video content a few weeks later most of the time. Aside from that I want to inspire a conversation with my viewers. I figured the blog was the best way to do that and I hope you’ve all been enjoying it so far.

Tuesdays & ThursdaysYouTube Feed

As has been our custom from the beginning, we release our videos on these days. This has been our schedule from day 1. We will continue to bring you Battle Reports, Hobby Tutorials, Unboxings and Rules Reviews for free on these days, as we always have.

Once we reach our Patreon goals we can begin producing more content for you on a more frequent basis. The Tuesday and Thursday videos are the ones we ask our Patrons to pay for in exchange for the content earlier than everyone else. The money from our Patreon goes to support all three aspects of what we do. Videos, Podcasts and Blogs. Even though we only ask you pay for the videos. There are other rewards for being a Patron as well.

FridayInches & Cubes

Every Friday since May 19th we’ve released a Podcast on iTunes and Google Play. You can also listen to it here on Encounterwargaming.com or on the YouTube Channel. You can expect to hear Adam, Nick and Paul discuss they’re favourite hobby topics every Friday indefinitely.

We will also release bonus videos for you when they come about on Fridays. Sometimes we have short hobby updates or significant events worth documenting that warrant a video but not the type of video we want to ask our Patrons to pay for or replace another video that we intended as regular content. Friday is the best day of the week. Sometimes it’s nice to get a little bonus surprise.

As far as what kind of content will occupy these aspects of our content I want to let you all in on. We have conducted a few surveys and shaken a few hands and we want to bring you all the content you require. We’ve received so much feedback in person and online. Most of it positive. Even our critics have been constructive for the most part. So we are making an effort to focus on the aspects of our content that you, the people, have said you want to see more of.

Battle Reports

We will continue to bring you all 40k Battle Reports without a doubt. It’s the Infinity and Malifaux fans I want to reassure. We launched the channel with a Malifaux playlist. We admit we have been distracted by the new edition of 40k, but we are in the process of filming more Malifaux Battle Reports.

We have also expanded our Infinity armies. Keep an eye out for more Unboxings and Battle Reports for Infinity. We have both been making the extra effort to get to know these gaming systems better in order to provide you with quality content. Expect more Infinity and Malifaux Battle Reports from us on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the next few months.

Twitch Streaming

We have been gearing up to begin streaming our content live on Twitch. If you would like to see our Battle Reports and Hobby Tutorials, as well as possibly the podcast, live then jump on our Twitch page right now and follow us. It doesn’t cost you anything to follow and it gives us a gauge as to how much interest there is in us doing live videos. We plan to start streaming in the new year so let us know what the level of interest is.

Aside from that we will continue to bring you the content we have provided you with so far. Everything you’ve come to expect from Encounter Wargaming you can continue to expect. We can only do more from here forward.

So keep talking to us. We want to create a conversation with the community. That was the whole point of starting Encounter Wargaming. We are thankful for the community we have developed and been a part of. Both the online communities of 40k, Malifaux and Inifinity, as well as, the physical community of Toronto gamers and Hogtown 40k.

If you have any other suggestions of what kind of content you would like to see then please message us on Facebook or Instagram . Even if you just have a hobby question or simply want to say hey, shoot us a message. You can also Email us at encounterwargaming@gmail.com . We don’t bite…unless you ask nicely 😉

Until our next Encounter!

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