Encounter Wargaming – What a Ride

By: Kitbasha Jay

This week Encounter Wargaming is celebrating! A few weeks ago we past our 1 year anniversary as a YouTube Channel. There has been so much that we’ve accomplished in just 1 short year. We have learned a lot and grown even more. As both individuals and as an internet entity. We are so excited to have made it this far in such a small amount of time and we are incredibly thankful to all those that have come along for the ride and supported us along the way.

One of the first goals we set for ourselves when we started the YouTube Channel was to reach 1000 subs by the end of our first year. We decided to have this as our first real goal for many reasons. With the help of all of you out there we have achieved that goal. We just passed 1000 subs last week.

Looking back on the past year there is a lot that we’ve accomplished. I’m not trying to brag or anything but it’s kind of amazing when we look back at all of the entertainment we’ve created for you amazing wargaming people. In our first year we’ve accomplished..

Journey Into Malifaux
This was our flagship series and covered us getting into a brand new game that neither of us had played before…Malifaux. We’ve been having a great time learning this awesome game and being a part of the online Malifaux community.

Journey Into Infinity
We also got into another new game for both of us…Infinity. We started it off with the Red Veil box set and have expanded from there. Though infinity has not been a major focus of ours lately, we both enjoy the game very much. There will be more infinity to come in the future.

We’ve done 2 Horus Heresy Campaigns.

Blood In The Void
This was our first 30k Campaign. This was also the first time “Point and Click” Nick was featured on the channel. This was an absolute blast and gave us an opportunity to show off Hogtown 40k’s scratch built Zone Mortalis board. Also it allowed us to both play 3 games each with Hogtown 40k’s Warmaster(President) who is now hosting our podcast.

The Assault on Doghan
This was our second 30k Campaign on the channel. It not only featured Nick from the previous campaign but also included Paul “Mr. Fist” Fowler. Paul was the very first person we featured on our 40k battle reports on the channel. Both for 7th and 8th edition. He now hosts the podcast with Nick and Adam. Which brings us to the next thing we have accomplished in the last year..

Inches and Cubes – The Warhammer 40k and Horus Heresy Podcast
While Adam and the boys were filming the above mentioned Assault of Doghan Campaign they came up with the idea for a podcast. Of course we encouraged it and they went with it. Now we have an awesome Podcast to go alongside our YouTube content. Welcome to the team Paul and Nick.

We also saw the transition of our favourite wargame from one edition to the other. Warhammer 40k released a new edition and it has been an awesome journey into a completely new rules system for the game that we’ve loved since childhood. You can check out our 7th Ed 40k Batreps which is where we started with the 40k battle reports on the channel. Evolving into our 8th Ed 40k Batreps which is our new standard. Just by comparing these two playlists you can really see how far we’ve come.

This leads us into our first 40k campaign on the channel The Redemption of Augustus Blake. In this series Adam was able to explore all the new fluff that Games Workshop has thrown at us including the Primaris Marines. Also it gave him an excuse to bring his Horus Heresy Loyalist Luna Wolves into the 40K narrative. Check it out if you haven’t already.

On top of these main focuses we’ve also brought you lots of Terrain Tutorials. We have a playlist of Malifaux Terrain, Infinity Terrain, and recently a 40k Jungle Table.

We’ve also covered all of Hogtown 40k’s Gaming Events that we have taken part in. We’ve also supplied you all with “Oldhammer” videos with my Relics of the Dark Age series. On top of other hobby tutorials, unboxings and rules reviews.

I think I speak for both Adam and I when I say it’s been a wicked fun ride. We’ve learned so much and met so many awesome people. We want to thank everyone who has supported us along the way and has helped make us into what we are. On Wednesday I will give you all a little peak at what to expect from Encounter Wargaming over the next little while. On Friday we’re going to have a big surprise for you all. So stay tuned to this blog, our Facebook and Instagram feeds, as well as the YouTube channel for more details.

Until our next Encounter!

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