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By: Kitbasha Jay

Since we’re on the topic of “counts as” models in Warhammer 40k I would like to shine a spotlight on one of the kings of third party miniatures. That company is Kromlech. They have blown me away for years with the amazing “Ork” models that they have produced over time. Even to this day they continue to release absolutely stunning miniatures that put Games Workshop to shame at times.

I have purchased quite a few of their miniatures myself. Luckily there is a store here in Toronto where you can get these beauties. Their stock is limited but I’ve yet to see another hobby store that carries Kromlech.


You’ll recognize my Runtherd from our 8th edition battle reports. That model is in fact the Kromlech Orc Taskmaster. I also have a few of their orky turrets. I needed some small turrets for my Grot Tanks so I bought a few of their turrets. They are really cool and a reasonable price. It saved me a lot of time having to make it look orky.

There’s a couple new products of theirs that really blow my mind. I’d love to incorporate all of them into my collection. They make such absolutely amazing miniatures and they just keep outdoing themselves. I’m going to show you guys the new stuff and talk about how I would use these fine miniatures.

The first just came out this month. For that Warboss that love koptas. Now we have Kopta Kans. In fact the product is called the Kopta Kan Meat Grinder Squadron. Take a look at this orky awesomeness.

Kromlech Kopta Kan Meat Grinder Squadron

These gave me the biggest smile when I first saw them. I was reading through the Forgeworld Xenos Index recently and it came to my attention that Orks can have “Chinork” Warkoptas as dedicated transports. How awesome would it be to have mobs of boys in Warkoptas, flanked by Deffkoptas, fronted by 6 or more of these Kopta Kans? I think it would be an absolutely amazing army. It would be so characterful and orky, but also so unique that no one else would have it. This may tempt me to add another detachment to my ork army.

The second recent release I’d like to cover in today’s blog is the Dvergr Commando Strike Force. THEY’RE FREAKING SQUATS!!!! LOOK! LOOK!

Dvergr Commano Strike Force

A couple years ago I began construction of a “Squat” army of my own. I mostly used Warhammer Dwarf Thunderers as the base for the infantry core. By simply trimming off the Handgun barrel and adding a Lasgun barrel they became instant squats. I counted them as Imperial Guard Veterans.

I haven’t gone back to that project in some time but I had a 2000 point army pretty well converted and assembled for 6th edition. It was meant as an Astra Militarum army with Space Marine allies. These Kromlech models would be perfect as Tempestus Scions or Veterans. Plus the set comes with a sweet command section including an hillarious medic model. If I purchased this it would complete my squat army for sure. Perhaps at that point I could put them in a few Battle Reports.

The truth is Kromlech has a wide range of awesome “counts as” miniatures. We’re so happy to support them on our channel and on the blog. If you’re looking for the most amazing Ork models you’ve ever seen look no further. They also have spectacular Scottish Imperial Guard regiment called Highlanders. Their Daemon models are stunning too. There’s plenty there for all armies in the game. With exception of Tau I guess. But screw Tau.

Let me know what you guys think about these figures. Have any of you purchased Kromlech’s stuff in the past? If so how did you like it? If not then would you consider adding any of these figures to your army? and which ones? Leave a comment below or drop us a line on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. If you’d prefer to be old school you can shoot me an email at encounterwargaming@gmail.com

Until our next Encounter!

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