Proxies in 40k – Third Party Figures

By: Kitbasha Jay

This week we’re going to focus on proxies and “counts as” models. There are a variety of options these days for what models we use in our games. Some of us prefer to stick to the official Games Workshop models. Others like to use third party miniatures to represent their favourite units on the table top.

There are many motivations for this. Sometimes we may not like the look of an official GW model and find something cooler elsewhere. Some gamers, like myself, like to have models that are different than what everyone else has. Whatever our motivations for using non-GW figures, we all have been tempted by third party manufacturers at one point or another.

There was a time when Games Workshop ran the competitive community. In order to play in a Games Workshop tournament, like the GT, or to play in a Games Workshop store, you had to have official games workshop models. Occasionally they would let you get away with a really unique conversion. About 15 years ago it was ok to convert something from a non-GW model provided it contained more than 50% GW bits. Since Games Workshop dropped out of the tournament scene a few years back there has been a resurgence of proxies being used in our games. Especially in the small “mom and pop” stores.

Here in Toronto there is only 1 Games Workshop in the entire city. This means that the small FLGS’s have not only provided the community with gaming spaces, they also take care of running all the tournaments and events in our city. We here at Encounter Wargaming frequent a store called The Sword and Board. They are a small proprietor that has one of the last remaining gaming spaces in the city. As a result our gaming club Hogtown 40k runs all of the tournament and events that it hosts out of this amazing gaming store.

Games Workshop can put rules on not allowing product into their stores that they don’t sell. It makes a lot of sense from their perspective to not allow models that are a small design flaw away from infringing on their copyrights. The small stores, however, don’t have an invested interest in these values. They’ll support any model line that their customers will buy. Which also makes a lot of sense from the FLGS perspective.

In fact, in Toronto we have another gaming store called Meeplemart. They sell a variety of third party miniatures. Everything from Kromlech to Spellcrow. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for alternative sculpts or pretty much anything nerdy to be honest. They did sadly recently close their gaming space to the public and no longer host gaming nights or any other events for that matter. Plus they’re in Chinatown which is not an easy place to get to. But you can go there if you have an itch for some awesome Kromlech figures.

To get back on topic, there are so many companies these days that are producing third party miniatures for 40k without actually saying they’re for 40k. It’s genius really. Somehow they stay just outside of infringing on copyrights and most of the time just by simply calling the figures by different names. But when veteran players like us take a look at Spellcrow’s Space Knights or Kromlech’s Legionaries we can clearly see what they can be used for in our Space Marine or Chaos Marine armies.

I’m deeply interested in how many of you out there use third party miniatures in your 40k armies. Also what models do you guys use and what manufacturers do you prefer? I’d also be interested in hearing if anyone has found some really awesome counts as models and would be interested in sharing with the rest of us.

If you do use, are using or have used these proxies in your armies please comment on this page. Or you can drop a comment on our Facebook or Instagram feeds. Or email me at

Until our next Encounter!

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