Encounter Wargaming – What’s coming up?

By: Kitbasha Jay

As we talked about on Monday, Encounter Wargaming is celebrating this week. When Adam and I first started the YouTube Channel it was a goal of ours to reach 1000 subscribers in our first year. We thought it would be an attainable goal and we’ve achieved it. Monday’s blog is evidence that we’ve even gone the extra mile just to provide enjoyable content for our fellow Wargamers.

We released our first video to the public on August 16th 2016. So EW’s birthday was on August 16th 2017. We hit exactly 1000 subscribers just last week. So it took a little more than a year but we have an awesome achievement to show for it. That being said, Encounter Wargaming has room to be so much more. That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Revised Weekly Calendar

Mondays & WednesdaysKitbasha Blog

This is the blog you’re reading. I do my best to provide you all with an insight into my hobby life as it unfolds. This not only lets you know what’s going on behind the scenes but also what to expect from Encounter Wargaming. If I’m doing work on scenery or models on the blog you can expect video content a few weeks later most of the time. Aside from that I want to inspire a conversation with my viewers. I figured the blog was the best way to do that and I hope you’ve all been enjoying it so far.

Tuesdays & ThursdaysYouTube Feed

As has been our custom from the beginning, we release our videos on these days. This has been our schedule from day 1. We will continue to bring you Battle Reports, Hobby Tutorials, Unboxings and Rules Reviews for free on these days, as we always have.

Once we reach our Patreon goals we can begin producing more content for you on a more frequent basis. The Tuesday and Thursday videos are the ones we ask our Patrons to pay for in exchange for the content earlier than everyone else. The money from our Patreon goes to support all three aspects of what we do. Videos, Podcasts and Blogs. Even though we only ask you pay for the videos. There are other rewards for being a Patron as well.

FridayInches & Cubes

Every Friday since May 19th we’ve released a Podcast on iTunes and Google Play. You can also listen to it here on Encounterwargaming.com or on the YouTube Channel. You can expect to hear Adam, Nick and Paul discuss they’re favourite hobby topics every Friday indefinitely.

We will also release bonus videos for you when they come about on Fridays. Sometimes we have short hobby updates or significant events worth documenting that warrant a video but not the type of video we want to ask our Patrons to pay for or replace another video that we intended as regular content. Friday is the best day of the week. Sometimes it’s nice to get a little bonus surprise.

As far as what kind of content will occupy these aspects of our content I want to let you all in on. We have conducted a few surveys and shaken a few hands and we want to bring you all the content you require. We’ve received so much feedback in person and online. Most of it positive. Even our critics have been constructive for the most part. So we are making an effort to focus on the aspects of our content that you, the people, have said you want to see more of.

Battle Reports

We will continue to bring you all 40k Battle Reports without a doubt. It’s the Infinity and Malifaux fans I want to reassure. We launched the channel with a Malifaux playlist. We admit we have been distracted by the new edition of 40k, but we are in the process of filming more Malifaux Battle Reports.

We have also expanded our Infinity armies. Keep an eye out for more Unboxings and Battle Reports for Infinity. We have both been making the extra effort to get to know these gaming systems better in order to provide you with quality content. Expect more Infinity and Malifaux Battle Reports from us on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the next few months.

Twitch Streaming

We have been gearing up to begin streaming our content live on Twitch. If you would like to see our Battle Reports and Hobby Tutorials, as well as possibly the podcast, live then jump on our Twitch page right now and follow us. It doesn’t cost you anything to follow and it gives us a gauge as to how much interest there is in us doing live videos. We plan to start streaming in the new year so let us know what the level of interest is.

Aside from that we will continue to bring you the content we have provided you with so far. Everything you’ve come to expect from Encounter Wargaming you can continue to expect. We can only do more from here forward.

So keep talking to us. We want to create a conversation with the community. That was the whole point of starting Encounter Wargaming. We are thankful for the community we have developed and been a part of. Both the online communities of 40k, Malifaux and Inifinity, as well as, the physical community of Toronto gamers and Hogtown 40k.

If you have any other suggestions of what kind of content you would like to see then please message us on Facebook or Instagram . Even if you just have a hobby question or simply want to say hey, shoot us a message. You can also Email us at encounterwargaming@gmail.com . We don’t bite…unless you ask nicely 😉

Until our next Encounter!

Encounter Wargaming – What a Ride

By: Kitbasha Jay

This week Encounter Wargaming is celebrating! A few weeks ago we past our 1 year anniversary as a YouTube Channel. There has been so much that we’ve accomplished in just 1 short year. We have learned a lot and grown even more. As both individuals and as an internet entity. We are so excited to have made it this far in such a small amount of time and we are incredibly thankful to all those that have come along for the ride and supported us along the way.

One of the first goals we set for ourselves when we started the YouTube Channel was to reach 1000 subs by the end of our first year. We decided to have this as our first real goal for many reasons. With the help of all of you out there we have achieved that goal. We just passed 1000 subs last week.

Looking back on the past year there is a lot that we’ve accomplished. I’m not trying to brag or anything but it’s kind of amazing when we look back at all of the entertainment we’ve created for you amazing wargaming people. In our first year we’ve accomplished..

Journey Into Malifaux
This was our flagship series and covered us getting into a brand new game that neither of us had played before…Malifaux. We’ve been having a great time learning this awesome game and being a part of the online Malifaux community.

Journey Into Infinity
We also got into another new game for both of us…Infinity. We started it off with the Red Veil box set and have expanded from there. Though infinity has not been a major focus of ours lately, we both enjoy the game very much. There will be more infinity to come in the future.

We’ve done 2 Horus Heresy Campaigns.

Blood In The Void
This was our first 30k Campaign. This was also the first time “Point and Click” Nick was featured on the channel. This was an absolute blast and gave us an opportunity to show off Hogtown 40k’s scratch built Zone Mortalis board. Also it allowed us to both play 3 games each with Hogtown 40k’s Warmaster(President) who is now hosting our podcast.

The Assault on Doghan
This was our second 30k Campaign on the channel. It not only featured Nick from the previous campaign but also included Paul “Mr. Fist” Fowler. Paul was the very first person we featured on our 40k battle reports on the channel. Both for 7th and 8th edition. He now hosts the podcast with Nick and Adam. Which brings us to the next thing we have accomplished in the last year..

Inches and Cubes – The Warhammer 40k and Horus Heresy Podcast
While Adam and the boys were filming the above mentioned Assault of Doghan Campaign they came up with the idea for a podcast. Of course we encouraged it and they went with it. Now we have an awesome Podcast to go alongside our YouTube content. Welcome to the team Paul and Nick.

We also saw the transition of our favourite wargame from one edition to the other. Warhammer 40k released a new edition and it has been an awesome journey into a completely new rules system for the game that we’ve loved since childhood. You can check out our 7th Ed 40k Batreps which is where we started with the 40k battle reports on the channel. Evolving into our 8th Ed 40k Batreps which is our new standard. Just by comparing these two playlists you can really see how far we’ve come.

This leads us into our first 40k campaign on the channel The Redemption of Augustus Blake. In this series Adam was able to explore all the new fluff that Games Workshop has thrown at us including the Primaris Marines. Also it gave him an excuse to bring his Horus Heresy Loyalist Luna Wolves into the 40K narrative. Check it out if you haven’t already.

On top of these main focuses we’ve also brought you lots of Terrain Tutorials. We have a playlist of Malifaux Terrain, Infinity Terrain, and recently a 40k Jungle Table.

We’ve also covered all of Hogtown 40k’s Gaming Events that we have taken part in. We’ve also supplied you all with “Oldhammer” videos with my Relics of the Dark Age series. On top of other hobby tutorials, unboxings and rules reviews.

I think I speak for both Adam and I when I say it’s been a wicked fun ride. We’ve learned so much and met so many awesome people. We want to thank everyone who has supported us along the way and has helped make us into what we are. On Wednesday I will give you all a little peak at what to expect from Encounter Wargaming over the next little while. On Friday we’re going to have a big surprise for you all. So stay tuned to this blog, our Facebook and Instagram feeds, as well as the YouTube channel for more details.

Until our next Encounter!

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 22: “Does This Look Infected?” Death Guard Codex Review

In this very special episode of Inches and Cubes the boys will discuss the new Death Guard rules. As usual they will comment on their own personal hobby progress as well as give you all the info you need on the new rules for Nurgle’s finest. Check it out.

“Counts As” Awesomeness – Kromlech.eu

By: Kitbasha Jay

Since we’re on the topic of “counts as” models in Warhammer 40k I would like to shine a spotlight on one of the kings of third party miniatures. That company is Kromlech. They have blown me away for years with the amazing “Ork” models that they have produced over time. Even to this day they continue to release absolutely stunning miniatures that put Games Workshop to shame at times.

I have purchased quite a few of their miniatures myself. Luckily there is a store here in Toronto where you can get these beauties. Their stock is limited but I’ve yet to see another hobby store that carries Kromlech.


You’ll recognize my Runtherd from our 8th edition battle reports. That model is in fact the Kromlech Orc Taskmaster. I also have a few of their orky turrets. I needed some small turrets for my Grot Tanks so I bought a few of their turrets. They are really cool and a reasonable price. It saved me a lot of time having to make it look orky.

There’s a couple new products of theirs that really blow my mind. I’d love to incorporate all of them into my collection. They make such absolutely amazing miniatures and they just keep outdoing themselves. I’m going to show you guys the new stuff and talk about how I would use these fine miniatures.

The first just came out this month. For that Warboss that love koptas. Now we have Kopta Kans. In fact the product is called the Kopta Kan Meat Grinder Squadron. Take a look at this orky awesomeness.

Kromlech Kopta Kan Meat Grinder Squadron

These gave me the biggest smile when I first saw them. I was reading through the Forgeworld Xenos Index recently and it came to my attention that Orks can have “Chinork” Warkoptas as dedicated transports. How awesome would it be to have mobs of boys in Warkoptas, flanked by Deffkoptas, fronted by 6 or more of these Kopta Kans? I think it would be an absolutely amazing army. It would be so characterful and orky, but also so unique that no one else would have it. This may tempt me to add another detachment to my ork army.

The second recent release I’d like to cover in today’s blog is the Dvergr Commando Strike Force. THEY’RE FREAKING SQUATS!!!! LOOK! LOOK!

Dvergr Commano Strike Force

A couple years ago I began construction of a “Squat” army of my own. I mostly used Warhammer Dwarf Thunderers as the base for the infantry core. By simply trimming off the Handgun barrel and adding a Lasgun barrel they became instant squats. I counted them as Imperial Guard Veterans.

I haven’t gone back to that project in some time but I had a 2000 point army pretty well converted and assembled for 6th edition. It was meant as an Astra Militarum army with Space Marine allies. These Kromlech models would be perfect as Tempestus Scions or Veterans. Plus the set comes with a sweet command section including an hillarious medic model. If I purchased this it would complete my squat army for sure. Perhaps at that point I could put them in a few Battle Reports.

The truth is Kromlech has a wide range of awesome “counts as” miniatures. We’re so happy to support them on our channel and on the blog. If you’re looking for the most amazing Ork models you’ve ever seen look no further. They also have spectacular Scottish Imperial Guard regiment called Highlanders. Their Daemon models are stunning too. There’s plenty there for all armies in the game. With exception of Tau I guess. But screw Tau.

Let me know what you guys think about these figures. Have any of you purchased Kromlech’s stuff in the past? If so how did you like it? If not then would you consider adding any of these figures to your army? and which ones? Leave a comment below or drop us a line on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. If you’d prefer to be old school you can shoot me an email at encounterwargaming@gmail.com

Until our next Encounter!

Proxies in 40k – Third Party Figures

By: Kitbasha Jay

This week we’re going to focus on proxies and “counts as” models. There are a variety of options these days for what models we use in our games. Some of us prefer to stick to the official Games Workshop models. Others like to use third party miniatures to represent their favourite units on the table top.

There are many motivations for this. Sometimes we may not like the look of an official GW model and find something cooler elsewhere. Some gamers, like myself, like to have models that are different than what everyone else has. Whatever our motivations for using non-GW figures, we all have been tempted by third party manufacturers at one point or another.

There was a time when Games Workshop ran the competitive community. In order to play in a Games Workshop tournament, like the GT, or to play in a Games Workshop store, you had to have official games workshop models. Occasionally they would let you get away with a really unique conversion. About 15 years ago it was ok to convert something from a non-GW model provided it contained more than 50% GW bits. Since Games Workshop dropped out of the tournament scene a few years back there has been a resurgence of proxies being used in our games. Especially in the small “mom and pop” stores.

Here in Toronto there is only 1 Games Workshop in the entire city. This means that the small FLGS’s have not only provided the community with gaming spaces, they also take care of running all the tournaments and events in our city. We here at Encounter Wargaming frequent a store called The Sword and Board. They are a small proprietor that has one of the last remaining gaming spaces in the city. As a result our gaming club Hogtown 40k runs all of the tournament and events that it hosts out of this amazing gaming store.

Games Workshop can put rules on not allowing product into their stores that they don’t sell. It makes a lot of sense from their perspective to not allow models that are a small design flaw away from infringing on their copyrights. The small stores, however, don’t have an invested interest in these values. They’ll support any model line that their customers will buy. Which also makes a lot of sense from the FLGS perspective.

In fact, in Toronto we have another gaming store called Meeplemart. They sell a variety of third party miniatures. Everything from Kromlech to Spellcrow. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for alternative sculpts or pretty much anything nerdy to be honest. They did sadly recently close their gaming space to the public and no longer host gaming nights or any other events for that matter. Plus they’re in Chinatown which is not an easy place to get to. But you can go there if you have an itch for some awesome Kromlech figures.

To get back on topic, there are so many companies these days that are producing third party miniatures for 40k without actually saying they’re for 40k. It’s genius really. Somehow they stay just outside of infringing on copyrights and most of the time just by simply calling the figures by different names. But when veteran players like us take a look at Spellcrow’s Space Knights or Kromlech’s Legionaries we can clearly see what they can be used for in our Space Marine or Chaos Marine armies.

I’m deeply interested in how many of you out there use third party miniatures in your 40k armies. Also what models do you guys use and what manufacturers do you prefer? I’d also be interested in hearing if anyone has found some really awesome counts as models and would be interested in sharing with the rest of us.

If you do use, are using or have used these proxies in your armies please comment on this page. Or you can drop a comment on our Facebook or Instagram feeds. Or email me at encounterwargaming@gmail.com

Until our next Encounter!

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 21: “0101101111001011101” Adeptus Mechanicus Faction Focus

There is a new codex and much excitement around the adepts on mars and so we shall take a dive into their story, their tactics, and some fun things that stand out to us about them. Our special guest Matt Hird helps guide our session as he is an avid fan of these robot tinkering singers.

Have fun, enjoy and see you at the next episode!


Fall Survey

What’s up Encounter Wargaming fans? Today instead of you all reading my rants, we’d like to hear what you habe to say. The link below will bring you to a super short survey. These simple questions will give us here at Encounter Wargaming a better idea of how we can improve what we do and give you more of what you want.

Thanks for taking the time to fill this out. It means a lot to us and will help us be a lot more to you. I’m excited to read all of the responses.

Encounter Wargaming Fall Survey

Until our next Encounter!

What army do I choose?

By: Kitbasha Jay

Today on the blog I wanted to reach out to the newbies amongst us. There are those who are super into 40k but find it an incredibly overwhelming universe to get their head around. At the same time there are veteran players that would like to get their friends into the game, or have an acquaintance interested in the game, but don’t know how to help this person navigate the intense fictional universe that Games Workshop has developed over the decades

It can take years, if not decades to learn the vastness of the 40k universe. Many come into it not knowing where to start. However, There is one question that is more or less universal for all new players. What army do I play?

There are many factors that can decide the army that you choose to play. Today we’re going to go into some of the deciding criteria and how you, or your friends, can approach the game and make a choice. There are different reasons to start an army and many people come to their army of choice for different reasons. That’s what we’re going to cover today.

Aesthetics – The first factor one should consider when contemplating what army to play is the appearance of the models. Even to this day, after being in the hobby for 20+ years, I choose my models by what I think looks cool. Or at the very least, something that I don’t think looks stupid. Even if I don’t like a model but feel I could use a certain unit in my army tactically then I will kitbash one. Hence my nick name.

Bottom line is that aesthetics are important. You’re going to be spending a lot of time assembling and painting these pieces. Choose something you really like the look of. It will make staring at them for hours upon hours not so tedious.

Storyline – Most people refer to this as “fluff”. Every race in 40k has a unique personality and storyline. These are reflected through the stories provided in the rulebook and codex supplements. Also there are a myriad of novels and comics written about the 40k universe. Sometimes we hear about the fluff of an army and immediately find something we love and can connect with.

This is the second major reason I feel people choose a faction. They love the fluff. I’ve even known people who started an army just because they read an awesome Black Library novel and were inspired to start whatever army the book was centered around. Usually including characters from the novel in their armies.

Whatever Wins – There are those players, however few and far between, that only choose to play an army because it’s what’s winning the competitive scene right now. They hear that people have been tearing it up with Tau so they start Tau. Or Chaos Daemons are winning all the tournaments so they start a Chaos Daemon army.

If competition is the reason you’re getting into this game than by all means go with whatever is most competitive. There’s nothing wrong with doing things this way if you need to win to have fun. Since 40k is a very narrative game, much like most miniature games, people tend not to build an army purely because it’s a winning army. But there are those that do.

I’m lucky enough to belong to a 40k gaming club here in Toronto. They’re called Hogtown 40k and they have all kinds of players as members. The truth is that most players in the club who do build super competitive, over the top armies still keep them within the fluff. They don’t ally races that would not normally ally just because the rules allow it even though it wouldn’t make sense in the fluff. There is a massive narrative aspect to this game that just can’t be ignored.

These are the reasons I feel that people choose the armies they do. There’s nothing wrong with allowing one or all of these factors to influence your decision. If I could offer my own personal advice…go with whatever you like. That way it will always be fun for you and will always be a hobby that you enjoy. Once it stops being fun and rewarding there’s no reason to keep playing.

Until our next Encounter!