Making a Jungle River – Part 2

By: Kitbasha Jay

On Monday we started building a sectional river for the Jungle Fever Table. Today we’ll finish this massive battlefield feature. We’re going to paint the river to match the other pieces we’ve made for this table. We’ll also be adding some plastic foliage and water effects to finish it off and tie it in to all the other terrain pieces we’re building.

We left off with the Espresso basecoat. For this I used a rust paint. The colour is called Espresso but it’s the equivalent of a Burnt Umber or other similar dark brown. I like to start all terrain pieces with this colour because it acts as a great base for so many colours. The fact that it’s rust paint also provides a nice hard shell over the myriad of materials that one can employ when building terrain.

If you’ve been following along with the other terrain blogs I’ve put out over the last couple weeks you’ve heard the above before. You also know where this is going next. For those that haven’t read my past posts I’ll go over it again.

On top of the Espresso basecoat I dry brush the entire piece with a Yellow Oxide. This is the equivalent to what Citadel used to call Snakebite Leather. This will get the soil up a shade in order to prepare for the final highlight.

I also incorporated large rocks randomly throughout the pieces. These I over brush with a colour called Westport Grey. The Citadel equivalent is Dawnstone. Make sure you try your best not to get any grey onto the dirt surrounding the rocks. You can touch it up after but if you don’t have to it will save you a lot of time later.

painted river sections

Once these colours are on I did a really light drybrush of a colour called Galvanized Metal. This colour is the equivalent of Citadel’s Ushabti Bone, what used to be known as Bleached Bone. This provides the final highlight to both the rocks and the soil. It really gives everything a nice final touch while at the same time unifying all the colours in the terrain piece.

Same as we did on the Bunker and the Trees we’re going to add plastic foliage. This is done by drilling some holes randomly along the banks of the river. Then we take our 5 minute epoxy and glue the plants on. Unlike the other pieces of terrain in this series I decided to add some long grass into the mix for the river. These were attached using the same method but got 3 blades per hole as opposed to just 1 plant.

river sections with foliage added

The final step after applying our foliage is the water effects. Usually I would use a quick pour resin or a 2 part epoxy resin. This time I thought I would try something new and make the river more dynamic by making it look like it’s flowing. This was done with Woodland Scenics Water Effects C1212. This stuff is usually used for making waterfalls but I thought I would see how it does at creating waves.

Unlike other products which are liquid, this stuff is more of a paste or caulking type consistency. Once you squeeze the water effects onto your river you can just use your finger to spread it around. Don’t be afraid to get messy. This stuff is really sticky.

river with water effects added

After you’ve spread it all around just use your finger to make waves. This is done by drawing large pathways through the water effects in the direction you want the water to appear like it’s flowing. It really is that easy. When you’re done it will look like you made a bunch of finger grooves and not look all that great. But trust me, once it dries clear it’ll look a lot like rapids and waves.

final product

final appearance of the water effects

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