Building Jungle Trees Part 3

By: Kitbasha Jay

So far this week we’ve been building some trees for our jungle table. On monday we built the trees. Yesterday we painted them. Today we’re going to add greenery.

The first thing you will need is an assortment of fake plants. I went to my local Dollarama and grabbed as many different types of green plants I could find. Everything from topiary balls to vines to large leafy plants. After you have all the plants you want to use, simply cut them into smaller pieces. I used cheap plastic containers to store all my plants in, seperating them by type.

plastic plants

Now that we’ve got all our plastic plants divided up accordingly we’re going to use them to create ground foliage. We want to simulate small shrubs and bushes. Much like we did with our bunker, we want to take our pin drill and make holes wherever you would like to place some plants.

I like to put them near the bases of the trees. For some reason small plants like to grow near the trunks of larger trees. Also this allows you to populate the template with foliage without loosing too much space to place miniatures on the piece. We still want these terrain pieces to be practical. Also feel free to add a few here and there in any spaces that look too naked and barren.

Once you have all your holes drilled where you want the foliage use some 5 minute epoxy to glue the stems of the plants into the holes. This will make them considerably stronger than just glueing them onto the base. We want these pieces to be practical and pretty.

trees with ground foliage

Not only did I add plastic plants but I also added some clump foliage here and there. The trick with clump foliage is to spray it down after you’ve glued it on and that glue is dry. I achieved this with a PVA and alcohol mixture. I prefer this over PVA and water because alcohol has less surface tension than water and soaks in much better. I will go into this in more detail in the video next Tuesday. To make sure you get notified go to Encounter Wargaming and hit subscribe.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Once we have all our ground foliage in place and dry, it’s time to add the canopy. For this I used an assortment of large leaves from dollar store plants. Some of them looked too fake and so I had to paint them with some spray paint, others looked pretty good as is. They already had veins and texture on them. All of them, whether painted or not, received a couple coats of black wash. This not only kills the shininess of the fake leaves but also brings out all the crevices and bumps on the leaves that were unseen before this step.

large leaves

Once we have our leaves the way we want them we’re going to glue them on. This is done the same way as the ground foliage. Simply find points on the trees that you want the leaves to be growing from. Then take your pin drill and put holes where you want them to be.

After that use the 5 minute epoxy to glue them in. Some of the leaves may droop down as they dry. Unless you want to hold each leaf in place for 5 minutes at a time, I suggest propping them up with something. I used random bottles of craft paint. I simply stood them up under the leaves so that even if they decided to droop they would stop falling once they hit the top of the bottle.

finished trees

And that’s it guys. Now we have a wicked awesome set of jungle trees to add to our table. In combination with all of the other terrain pieces for this table, this gaming surface is going to look pretty awesome. I’ll make sure to post pics once it’s fully complete on the Facebook and Instagram pages. Also keep your eyes peeled for this coming Tuesday when you can see me build these pieces on video.

Until our next Encounter!

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