The Hobby Room Pt.2 – Organizational Ideas

By: Kitbasha Jay

Before I get started I’d like to thank all of those that commented on yesterday’s post. Both here on WordPress and on Facebook. I’m glad to see such a strong online community. Thanks for being a part of this. Today we’re going to be continuing where we left off by discussing ways we can keep our hobby space organized and efficient.

Having seen most of your hobby spaces at this point, I see that some of you have some great ideas for organization of the hobby space. Some of you need a few suggestions however. Either way, we can all benefit from a discussion on how we keep our stuff organized.

In case you guys don’t know I am a cabinet maker by trade. This means I used to build furniture and cabinets to a high level of quality and detail. So for me to make the next suggestion is probably heresy in many ways. GO TO IKEA!

Most of us use what we have available. Usually it’s an old desk that someone threw out or a bookcase that someone didn’t want anymore. Basically something that you don’t mind ruining with paint and green stuff.

As I discussed in yesterday’s blog, I am in the process of transferring my hobby room from our spare into our master. Up until now I had been using a cabinet that I originally made as a kitchen island as my painting table. When I decided to move bedrooms I realized I needed a proper desk. Both to paint at and write these blogs at.

There are many cheap ways to get your hands on a desk. Find one that someone is throwing out or doesn’t want anymore. The truth is when I took a look around the west end for desks I wan’t finding much for less than $200. Then my wife finally convinced me to go to Ikea.

A year ago if you told me I would be shopping at Ikea I would have told you that you were nuts. No way would I be caught dead in that place. But I needed a table that suited my space and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I found these.

The tops come in varying sizes. The smallest one that you see against the back wall with my laptop on it was $10 for just the table top. The one in the right of the photo was the second biggest one. There are four sizes and they go up incrementally in prices of $10. So it was only $30 for the top. I can’t build them cheaper than that. Plus the price is so low that I won’t cry when I get paint all over it.

The legs of the tables were only $4 each. Therefore, I was able to purchase an L shaped desk, which we had been looking a long time for, for under $60. The closest thing I could get to the same surface area was $200 used. Talk about savings.

The better part of this deal is that all the pieces are fully customizable. They have file drawer units you can replace the legs with for $80. They have bookshelves and cubby units that are fully attachable and stackable with these desk tops for totally reasonable prices. So trust me when I say that Ikea is the best deal you’re going to get. Trust me I did a lot of looking. Both online and in person.

The next item I will mention is this bits box I found at Canadian Tire. I bought it about 2 years ago intending it to be used for Hogtown 40k. Once we realized it had to remain upright at all times it meant that it couldn’t be transported from member to member, or even from the storage locker at The Sword and Board to a work bench.

This meant that it had to remain stationary. Which is just fine because it only cost me $20. I think it was intended to drill bits and screw and things like that. It has been invaluable to my hobby work over the last couple years keeping my bits organized. And as you can see I’ve only used up 2/3 of it.

I’m interested to hear your ideas. What cool deals have you all found for your hobby space? What items and devices have you found that make your life more efficient? Please leave a comment below or on Facebook. Or you can email me at

Until our next Encounter!

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