Scratch Built Stompa

By: Kitbasha Jay

Last year I decided I needed a Stompa for my ork army. So rather than put a hole in my wallet buying a Stompa that looks the same as everyone elses Stompa, I decided to build my own. Since all the other walkers in my Ork army are either heavily converted or scratch built, I figured I would give a good shot at scratch building a Stompa.

First of all, Orks build things from scratch. So it actually doesn’t make sense that every ork player and their brother has exactly the same model. Second, after 20 years in the hobby I’ve accumulated a stock pile of old vehicles and other bits left over from conversions or miniatures that are beyond repair.

At the time of construction I was given a truck model by my wife’s grandfather. I had no idea what I would ever use this model for but I took it figuring I would use it for something someday. I suppose I was right because when I was looking for something to use as a skeleton for this monstrosity I saw it and immediately realized that standing on it’s rear it made the perfect pot belly.

I also had the remains of a Battlewagon I had chewed up for past conversions and the body of a Leman Russ that was missing a turret. The Leman had also been painted over so many times it would have been hard to restore detail and I figured it would be better used as random armour plates throughout the Stompa.

I had seen the front of the Battlewagon used as a head on an Imperial Knight once and figured it would be the perfect head for my Stompa. So that’s where I started. I glued the Battlewagon head onto the truck frame and started to build from there. With any conversion, especially if you’re winging it, you should start with a frame and build out from there. So that’s what I did. The rest is details.

Now that the basic frame was in place to guide me I pulled out a couple boxes of random bits. Like I said, when you convert everything you end up with a lot of random crap that can really only be used for something orky. So I found a couple more Battlewagon bits that are used to mount the turret for the Battlewagon. I glued these in place on either side to act as a base for the arms to be build out from.

The next step was the feet. Once again I had a large assortment of bits left over from Battlewagons and used the flat pieces that would have been used as the passenger bed. I cut them into Stompa size feet and trimmed pieces that could hang down as toes. This gave the feet a much more 3D shape and kept with the ramshackle look of most Ork technology. In combination with the Grabba arms and Kannons from the Battlewagon, as well as, the tires from the truck model, I had more than enough to construct some large “Sentinel like” legs for my Stompa. Since I use Sentinels as Kans it was extra appropriate.

The next step was to figure out the arms. I intended on making a Standard Stompa and so decided to chew up an old Basilisk and use the Earthshaker Cannon as his big gun and the tracks as his combat weapon. I later decided to create a Kustom Stompa and so he didn’t end up getting a close combat weapon, but that’s ok.

By using the hood of the truck model and some city fight pieces I started to build out the shoulders so that the arms could be mounted to the piece. At this point the Stompa was really starting to take shape.

Then it was time to start building out the body with the remaining Basilisk pieces, as well as, city fight and Rhino bits.

I then made a sweet lower jaw using the hood of the original truck model. Just added some random sharp cut offs from other chewed up flat bits as teeth. Also adding more and more random plates to the shoulders and body. This not only covers up the truck model but also adds a lot of strength to the body of the piece. On top of that, random armour plates always make Ork vehicles look cooler.

At this point it was starting to look like time to attach the appendages. I glued the legs and the Kannon glued in place. After doing some hard thinking I decided to not use a combat weapon for the other arm. Instead I wanted to create a lifta-droppa. I found the remains of an old 2nd edition Ork artillery piece. With this I was able to create an appropriate arm to use as a lifta-droppa.

At this point it’s just adding random bits to taste. A few grots here and there and lots and lots of armour plates. Some banner poles and other random bits and bobs and we have a completed and fully scratch built Stompa.

The final step is to paint the bad boy. I also decided to add a base to the piece. Since his legs are so skinny and the regular Stompa doesn’t require a base I figured I would make a base for this guy that was the rough diameter of the Games Workshop Stompa model. I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.

In 7th edition you needed Mekboss Buzzgob to get the Kustom Stompa for like half the points. So I scratch built one of him too…and his little grot buddies.

Until our next Encounter!

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