Journeys with Jay – Encounter Wargaming meets The Basement Collective.

By: Kitbasha Jay

So we’ve been doing a lot of articles on rules releases lately. Both Adam and I have felt the hype that 8th edition has brought. We also have fallen in love with the new Codeces for our respective factions. Now I feel that it’s time to take the blog in another direction.

For the majority of our blogs in the future I intend on taking you guys with me on my hobby journeys. I’ve been in communication with a few of our loyal Patreon patrons and it seems that you guys would benefit more from a look at the life of Encounter Wargaming. So consider this the first of many blogs following myself, and possibly Adam too, on our journeys through the hobby.

Yesterday was a fun day for the Encounter Wargaming Crew. Since we first started into the Youtube business we have been both fans of, and friends with, The Basement Collective. The relationship started through Battle Brothers Studios with Adam painting a few commissions for the boys. They have been a great help at guiding us in the infancy of our channel. It was a treat yesterday to meet them in person for the first time. Especially since yesterday was Encounter Wargaming’s 1st Birthday.

We filmed two battle reports at The Sword and Board over the course of the afternoon. Adam fielded his Primaris Marines against Kevin’s Imperial Mashed Potatoes, as he called them. I brought my Deathskulls back out to face off against Irvin’s Nurgle Daemons. Both battle reports will be featured on the Encounter Wargaming Youtube channel in the next few weeks.

Irvin's Nurgle Daemons

Here you see the Nurgle Daemons. I learned how tough Nurgle can be. Especially for Orks. The way that he used the Daemon Prince buff alongside the Greater Daemons while simultaneously running with Soul Grinders was absolutely amazing. Most of the time I expect my opponents to sit back and shoot my Orks. Not these daemons.

Other than the Soul Grinders he didn’t really have any shooting. So I suppose he figured he would have to beat me at the combat game. And boy did he. The wall of monsters got to my boys by the second turn. The worst thing you can do to an Orks has always been steal the charge from them. That’s exactly what he did. Not to mention Smite spam! :s

The truth is that the wall of monsters held back my entire army while his Plaguebearer units just walked up the board and slowly claimed objectives. It was genius actually. The Plaguebearers remained untouched while all the big tough units absorbed my wall of boys.

Irvin and Jay after the game

Irvin was an amazing opponent and I look forward to playing him in the future. I have been focussed on my Ork army this edition so far. As a result I have not had time to pull out all my other armies. I feel that with the new Chaos Space Marine book in my possession now I’ll be fielding a lot more Chaos. Irvin proved to me today that Nurgle Daemons are excellent. I’m glad I have quite a few of them. In fact Irvin was using one of my Daemon Princes and my Soul Grinder. I am incredibly happy to see Nurgle played so well. Even if it was some of my own models that gave me the beating I received.

Thanks again to The Basement Collective for a great day celebrating our channel’s birthday. We look forward to hanging out with you guys in the future. For those of you that haven’t seen these guys on YouTube before make sure to check them out.

The Basement Collective Youtube Channel

Until our next Encounter!

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