Terrain Tuesday – TTCombat MDF Terrain

By: Kitbasha Jay

Now that the exciting codex rumours are out of the way for a while let’s get back to our original format. Tuesdays on the blog we discuss cool terrain. Whether that be terrain building or awesome pre-fab stuff. Today we would like to shine the spotlight on TT Combat.

TT Combat is a terrain manufacturer out of the UK that makes some really cool MDF terrain for multiple gaming systems. They chiefly focus on 28-35mm scale and offer everything from Fantasy to Sci-fi. In fact they even combine MDF and grey board for a 2 tone look that makes it easy for gamers that are too lazy to paint their terrain and just want a drop and go set that they can start using right away.

TT Combat

Their Sci-fi Gothic terrain is perfect for the 40k enthusiast. These pieces are very similar in appearance to the Games Workshop plastic set, but just different enough to avoid copyright issues. The major difference is they’re much cheaper per piece. Well maybe not once you add shipping. Unless you live in the UK and then shipping is free.

TT Combat Castle

They also make some awesome Fantasy themed stuff for you D&D and AOS players. Like this castle that you see above. This set is massive and is under 50 GBP. Wow! The horns you see in the back corner there are a Warhammer Giant. Say What?! Love it!

TT Combat Industrial

For you Infinity or Necromunda lovers, they also make some really awesome industrial sets. The one depicted above is also just under 50 British pounds and is absolutely stunning. To be perfectly honest, I’m considering ordering a few of these myself. What a deal.

Just to be clear, we here at Encounter Wargaming are in no way sponsored nor do we have any kind of deal with TT Combat. When I see awesome terrain for a fair price I just get really excited and have to share my findings. If the people at TT Combat are reading this article and you want to send a sponsorship our way please do so. For the rest of you lovely people, please check them out at https://ttcombat.com

Until our next Encounter!

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