Big News! Necromunda is coming back!

By: Kitbasha Jay

When we got Shadow War we were all assuming it was meant as a replacement for Necromunda. The outcry was heard all across the internet. There were a large number of people that were upset that they had done away with the gangs and instead incorporated all the other races in 40k. It turns out that we were either all wrong, or Games Workshop actually listened to the complaints.

It seems now that Shadow War was simply meant as a replacement for 40k Kill Team. Perhaps they originally intended it to replace Necromunda but the outcry was so great that they have finally decided to remake the original Necromunda. This excites many people and the positive response on the internet has been astounding.

When Shadow War was first released I heard the complaints of many gamers that it was not the Necromunda they remember. In my own community there were a lot of gamers interested in Necromunda before the release of Shadow War that decided to play Mordheim instead since the only race available in Necromunda was humans. This sentiment was what I figured Games Workshop was doing with Shadow War. They took the old Necromunda rules system and added all the 40k races into the mix. This made it quite interesting since you could now use races other than humans and not all “kill teams” had the same characteristics, making it a much more interesting game.

As stated above, there was a disdain from the veteran gamers that had fond memories of Necromunda because they wanted their old gangs rebooted in up to date plastic sculpts. Well it seems Games Workshop listened because Necromunda is back.

Necromunda Returns

The game is set in Hive Primus. This is the Hive City the original game was set in. In this game you will get to develop your gang over the course of a campaign that unfolds as you play games. Better yet, it appears that the old fluff will be carried into a new incarnation.

We don’t know for sure whether they will give us all of the original gangs. The basic game will give us at least two of the original gangs in new spectacular plastics. The original Necromunda starter set included gangs of House Orlock and House Goliath. They’re taking a different twist this time and including House Escher and House Goliath. Awesome!

Better yet, they will all be multi-part plastic kits. I recall playing Necromunda when I was a kid and most of the gangs were all pewter. This made it very hard to customize your guys. Especially since they were likely to change weapons and stats as the campaign progressed. Now that they’re available in all plastics it will make converting and customizing much easier.

Sadly we don’t have any information on how the rules will play out. Having seen that Shadow War was basically the original Necromunda just updated for a new era, we can safely assume that the new Necromunda will follow suit. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what GW tells us over the next little while. If I find out any more information I’ll make sure to update you guys as it comes.

Until our next encounter!

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