New Chaos Codex – Word Bearers

By: Kitbasha Jay

The Legions of Chaos are many, but none are more dedicated than the Word Bearers. The Legion is the originators of the belief in the Emperor as a God. In fact it could be argued that their Primarch started the Horus Heresy. Out of all the Legions they are by far the most devout, and as a result, the most Daemonic.

Today we continue our look at the upcoming Chaos Codex release. All this week we have been focusing on the new Chaos Legion rules. Last but not least we have the Word Bearers. The army with the most Dark Apostles spreading the Word. These bad boys inspire Chaos rebellions across the Imperium, and their new rules reflect that.

As always, let’s start with the Legion Trait. It is aptly named “Profane Zeal” and allows Word Bearers’ Infantry, Bikers, and Helbrutes to re-roll failed Morale. This apparently synergizes well with a Dark Apostle’s Demagogue aura. It allows any unit within 6″ of a Dark Apostle to use his Leadership of 9.

Word Bearers

Currently in the Chaos Index an Icon of Vengeance can grant a unit +1 Ld. So unless they are removing the icons, or perhaps changing what they do, then the Apostle may not be necessary. For me it would come down to point cost per unit, as well as maneuverability with the aura. But being able to re-roll with a Ld of 9 either way is pretty damn good.

Games Workshop has also revealed a new unit available to Chaos Space Marines. The Exalted Champion. This character allows units within 6″ to re-roll failed to wound rolls in the Fight phase. This could be gross not only for Word Bearers units, but also to the World Eaters we talked about on Monday.

Either of the above mentioned characters will be absolutely amazing with the Word Bearers’ specific Warlord Trait that they let us in on. It’s called The Voice of Lorgar. It basically allows you to make one of your characters (Warlord) increase the range of his aura by 3″. This now means that everyone within 9″ or that Exalted Champion is re-rolling Wounds or using that Demogogue ability without having to buy Icons. Sounds pretty dirty.

They continue to reflect the Word Bearers fluff through the rules. When I think of the Word Bearers the first thing that pops into my head is Dark Apostles, Cultists and Daemons. We’ve already seen how Dark Apostles will play an epic roll amongst the Word Bearers. It seems lots of Cultists will do you good as well.

They introduce a new Stratagem. This is apparently available to all Chaos Space Marines. This makes me glad I have a lot of cultists in all 3 of my CSM armies. It basically makes Chaos Cultists into Genestealer Cult. Check it.

2CP Tide of Traitors – Use this Stratagem at the end of your Movement phase. If you do, pick a unit of Chaos Cultists and remove it from the battlefield. You can then set it up again wholly within 6″ of the edge of the battlefield and more than 9″ from any enemy models, at it’s full starting strength.

Say wha..? So let me get this straight. Once my unit of cultists has reached a low number. Say you shot them in your turn and like 5 ran away and there was 3 guys left. I can just take them off the battlefield in my turn, and then throw 30 at you again…like immediately. Wow! just wow! I will definitely be fielding many cultists in future games.

Games Workshop let us in on another awesome Stratagem. This one’s Word Bearers specific. It basically makes it easier for a Character to summon in Daemons. For 1 Command Point you can re-roll “any of the dice” used in the summoning roll. Also the model doesn’t suffer the mortal wounds on doubles or triples. This makes the Word Bearers summoning masters. Sweet!

Like I said, when I think of Word Bearers I think Dark Apostles, Cultists and Daemons. Sounds like if you want to win with Word Bearers you want to play fluffy. Finally it is clear that Games Workshop is rewarding fluffy players by making lists competitive by playing to the fluff. Also, they promised us that most of the Chaos Daemon units have made it into the book. Love it guys. Keep it up. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book.

Until our next encounter!

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