New Chaos Codex – Alpha Legion

By: Kitbasha Jay (really Alpharius)

Today we continue our look at the New Chaos Codex. We will specifically focus on the Alpha Legion. The most deceptive Legion of them all. These bad boys specialize in infiltration and guerrilla tactics.

Keeping in line with our past blog posts on the Chaos Legions, we will start by looking at the Alpha Legion Trait. This is an interesting one. It basically make the Alpha Legion the Chaos equivalent to the Raven Guard.

Hidden In Plain SightYour opponent must subtract 1 from hit rolls that target units with this trait if they are more than 12″ away.

This is a pretty good one. -1 to hit doesn’t sound like much but it is. I’ve personally noticed that it makes a massive difference. In fact it has made flyers the bane of my Ork army so far in this edition. Especially because they already hit on 5+. For other armies it may not be as difficult but I can see it still being a massive annoyance. We’ve all rolled 5 dice needing 4+ to hit and came up with 4 3s and a 5. If their was no negative you would hit with all five shots but since they’ve been decreased to 4+ you only hit with one. Really annoying!

Alpha Legion

Games Workshop claims this is especially powerful on Helbrutes, since they benefit from Legion Traits as well. So at long range it can make a Helbrute very hard to take down. They also gave a us a solution for when the enemy gets close. This is a new Stratagem that appears to be available to all Chaos Space Marine Helbrutes, not just the Alphas.

Fire FrenzyUse this stratagem in the Shooting phase, just before a Helbrute shoots. If that Helbrute did not move in its Movement phase, it can fire all of its weapons twice but all of its attacks must target the nearest visible enemy unit.

This is wicked cool. I thought it was awesome that my Scorpius could do this. Now you’re telling me I can do it with Helbrutes too? Damn man! How cool is that? Give him a Chaos Lord or Abaddon nearby for some re-rolls and that Helbrute could bring the pain.

The final aspect of the Alpha Legion rules I’d like to cover today is the new legion specific Warlord Trait. People online have a lot of fun with the whole “I am Alpharius” thing. You can’t see a thread on Facebook without someone just randomly saying “I am Alpharius”. So it’s just comedic that they decided to call the Warlord trait by the same name.

I Am Alpharius allows you to select another Warlord trait in addition to this one. Wow! Also as soon as your Warlord is killed, he is no longer the Warlord and another Character in the army is selected to be the new Warlord. You give him a new Warlord Trait, which can be this one again. This effectively means that it’s next to impossible for the opponent to score a point for Slay the Warlord since you can just keep making another character the Warlord. In other words, the only way you can score a Warlord Point is by killing every character in the Alpha Legion Army.

This is probably the best Warlord Trait I’ve seen yet. It simply denies the opponent that secondary objective. Unless they’re willing to focus all their energy on your characters. Which is unlikely. If so, then the rest of your army will be free to do what it wishes. So just take a lot of characters in your list and no worries.

It seems the new Alpha Legion could turn out to be a pain in the ass to face on the battlefield. Luckily I know a couple of Alpha Legion players. I can’t wait to see how this Legion will perform. I have a feeling they will be a massive annoyance. As they should be.

Until our next encounter!

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