New Chaos Codex – Black Legion

By: Kitbasha Jay

Still gearing up for the new release of Codex Chaos Space Marines. Today we will be discussing the Black Legion. The Black Legion have always been the default Chaos Space Marine Legion much like the Ultramarines are the default Loyal Marine Chapter. This is not only because of the enormous size of the Legion, but also because the big bad guy, Abaddon the Despoiler, is their leader. The only man who has ever been able to unite the majority of Chaos Warbands under his banner.

Games Workshop promised us that 8th edition would see the rise of Chaos back to the forefront as the arch enemy of the Imperium. Abaddon and his endless Black Crusades is the perfect representation of that animosity. So let’s see what they gave the Black Legion that makes them such a formidable foe.

Black Legion

As we’ve done with all the blogs on Chaos so far, we’ll start with their Legion Trait. It’s called “Black Crusaders” and not only adds +1Ld to all the units in the army but also allows you to advance and fire your rapid fire weapons as assault weapons. This is really cool but unclear as to what exactly that means. It specifically states in the rule that rapid fire 2 becomes assault 2. So does that mean that normal bolters that are rapid fire only get 1 shot at short range instead of 2? I suppose that’s logical, and still pretty awesome, but not as awesome as being able to actually rapid fire on the move. Perhaps this one needs a little more clarification. Either way you interpret the rule it still makes Black Legion units much more versatile.

Of course, we have to focus on the big bad guy. Abaddon the Despoiler is finally actually worth taking in a Chaos Army. We’ve seen a few editions now where he has been a sub-par character. Not anymore.

Not only will Abaddon give your units the re-roll to hit, but according to the article on Warhammer Community he also allows your units to ignore Morale tests. Say what?! On top of that he grant you 2 extra command points just for including him in your list. That’s absolutely amazing! Plus he has his own Warlord Trait much like Kharn the Betrayer. This one they have specified is for all Black Legion Characters, not just Abaddon. This allows models within 6″ of your Warlord to get their “Death to the False Emperor” rule on a 5+ instead of a 6+. Considering that rule already makes Chaos awesome against Imperium, this will blow them away.

GW has also shown us the Black Legion specific Stratagem. It’s a damn good one too. Currently Chaos Lords allow you to re-roll ones to hit. This stratagem titled “Let the Galaxy Burn” allows you to do that without a Chaos Lord or Abaddon nearby. For 1 Command Point you can choose a Black Legion Infantry or Bike Squad to re-roll their hit rolls of 1 in either the Shooting or Fight phase. Even better, if that unit is a standard Chaos Space Marine unit they get to re-roll ALL rolls to hit, not just ones. Bomb!

So as you can probably tell, all these things put together makes the Black Legion a formidable foe indeed. I can’t wait for this new book, or to see some Black Legion armies tear it up on the tabletop. It’s about time Chaos became a force to be reckoned with once more.

Until our next encounter!

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