New Chaos Codex – World Eaters

By: Kitbasha Jay

Today we’re going to continue our focus on the new Chaos Space Marines Codex. It’s so exciting that they are finally making proper rules for each of the Chaos Legions. This blog will specifically be focussing on the World Eaters rules. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Following along with last week’s blogs we’re going to start by talking about the World Eaters’ Legion Trait. It’s appropriately titled “Butcher’s Nails”. Just the name alone conjures up images of a bloody handed sadistic warrior.

Butcher’s NailsWhen a unit with this trait makes a successful charge, you can make one additional attack with each of its models in the subsequent Fight phase.

This is pretty cool since even though everyone used to get +1A for charging, not everyone does anymore. Much like all the legion traits so far, this one represents the fluff of the World Eaters properly. Them being a close combat army by nature.

World Eaters

This also makes them absolute combat monsters. I can’t say for sure but currently Khorne Berserkers get to double their attacks in the Fight phase. Adding an extra attack to the equation is literally adding insult to injury. If they keep that attacking twice rule that is. But Khorne Berserkers aside, this makes every unit in a World Eaters army better at combat than the equivalent unit in any other legion.

Next we’ll talk about the new Stratagem specific to the World Eaters. Very similar to the above mentioned rule that Khorne Berserkers have in their entry in the Chaos Index, this new Stratagem allows you to select a unit to attack again. The great thing about this is that you choose to do it at the end of the Fight phase. Therefore, any unit in the army can do it. Even after they have already fought. So if you charged into a unit you really wanted to take out in the Fight phase but weren’t quite able to do it, you will have another chance. This also raises my eyebrow in case they do keep that attack twice rule for berserkers. That would mean they could theoretically attack 3 times in 1 Fight phase. Maybe they won’t include that rule..but you never know.

Games Workshop also gave us a look at a World Eaters specific Warlord Trait. They mention it as being included with Kharn the Betrayer so I don’t know if it will be available to all Khorne Warlords but it will definitely make the World Eaters special character better.

This Warlord Trait is not as cool as some of the others we’ve seen. I tend to prefer Warlord Traits that buff surrounding units rather than just the Character himself. But what can you do. Regardless, any time Kharn slays a Character, Monster, or Titanic model he gains an additional attack and strength. So the more you kill the better he gets.

Of course Khorne doesn’t like psychic powers and this is reflected with the second World Eaters specific stratagem they let us see. It’s called “Scorn of Sorcery”. It means that when an enemy Psyker tries to manifest a power within 24″ of any of your units you can shut it down on the roll of a 4+ for only 1 Command Point.

They also showed us a cool new relic for the World Eaters. It’s called the “Brass Collar of Bhorghaster”. This allows the character to which it was given to make a Deny the Witch roll much like a Psyker would. Even better though, not only does it stop the power but also immediately causes the enemy phyker to suffer a perils of the warp. Pretty sweet!

So all these things combined with the Icon of Wrath on everything it will effectively make a World Eaters army as deadly in combat as Orks but with a lot more survivability. Even though I already have multiple Chaos armies it may be worth pulling out that box of Khorne Berserkers I’ve had kicking around since 3rd edition. Dust them off and give the World Eaters a try.

Until our next encounter!

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