New Chaos Codex – Night Lords

By: Kitbasha Jay

This week we’ve been examining the news on the upcoming Chaos Codex as Games Workshop has been releasing information. Luckily for me they’ve decided to focus so far on two of the three CSM armies I play. Yesterday was the Iron Warriors. Today is the Night Lords. Woot!

I’ve been playing Night Lords since 2007. I started the army back when I worked for Games Workshop. We used to get an amazing discount on pewter bits. Back when they used to do bits orders. I always liked the look of the Night Lords and decided to use my discount to purchase all the winged helmets for a Paint or Die competition.

Night Lords Legion Rules

Aside from their appearance, I’ve always liked the fluff behind the Night Lords. The fact that they work for themselves, not one of the Dark Gods. Also their use of lightning fast strikes coupled with terror tactics really speaks to me. Luckily in this new edition they have finally given each legion their own rules. As I said yesterday, we went nearly 2 editions without any Legion Rules. Thank the gods we finally have proper rules for each of our Chaos Legions. Plus rules for Renegade Space Marines..which is wicked cool!

Anyway, enough about me and more about the new rules. As I stated above, the Night Lords specialize in terror tactics. This is represented in the new book by their Legion Trait. They even called it Terror Tactics.

Terror TacticsModels in enemy units Subtract 1 from their Leadership characteristic for each unit with this trait that is within 6″ of theirs (to a maximum of -3)

This is a really cool and fluffy trait. I don’t think it’s as good as the Emperor’s children one we saw a couple days ago but could be a lot better than the Iron Warriors one we saw yesterday. It means that, at the very least, an extra model than before is fleeing from the enemy unit during the morale phase. Plus it stacks, to a maximum of 3, but that’s ok. I like it!

Game Workshop also told us that Raptors will be an awesome choice for this army. Good for me since I have 3 units of them and a unit of Warp Talons. They claim that if you equip the units with an Icon of Despair you can bring the enemy as far down as -5 to their Leadership. Considering most things have a Ld7, that’s pretty devastating.

We get a new piece of wargear called Claws of the Black Hunt. These Lightning Claws increase both the user’s Strength and Attacks characteristic by 1. Plus they are basically Lightning Claws and so have -3AP and allow you to re-roll wounds. Glad I already have all my characters modelled with Lightning Claws.

The next thing worth mentioning is the Night Lords specific Warlord Trait. It’s called “Night Haunter’s Curse”. This allows your warlord to re-roll one die per battle round without using any command points. Sounds good to me.

The last item we will focus on today is the Night Lords specific Stratagem. It’s called “In Midnight Clad”. This is obviously used during your opponent’s shooting phase and can make a unit of yours much harder to hit by subtracting 1 from any enemy unit’s hit rolls that targeted it. This could make it much easier to get that combat unit from point A to point B without taking too many casualties.

They even went further to explain that this is done after the opponent has already declared their target. The example they use is overcharging a Plasmagun. They will take a mortal wound now on a 1 or 2. So not only does it make your units more survivable but you could theoretically dwindle down an enemy unit in their own turn.

This is a super exciting time to be a Chaos Player. The last couple days especially since I play the last 2 legions they did a spotlight on. Let’s look forward to the next few hints they give us. I hope they do all the Legions as much justice as they have done the 3 they’ve talked about so far.

Until our next encounter!

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