New Chaos Codex – Iron Warriors

By: Kitbasha Jay

This week we’ve been following along with the rules leaks on Codex Chaos Space Marines as Games Workshop has been releasing them. So I guess they’re not really leaks as much as keeping up with the news. Regardless, it’s an exciting time to be a Chaos player. Even more so for Iron Warriors. As is the focus of this article.

This writer is extremely happy with this. Especially due to the fact that I have spent the last few months making sure my Iron Warriors for Horus Heresy are all painted and tabletop ready. Perfect time to be introduced to the new rules for 40k Iron Warriors.

Iron Warriors Legion Rules

We took a look at the Emperor’s Children yesterday and just how powerful they are. Games Workshop has promised us IW players that our legion will be the most powerful in the book when it comes to ranged warfare. This is incredibly exciting since personally I have a lot of tanks and big guns.

Much like we did yesterday with the followers of Slaanesh, today we will start with the Legion Trait. As explained before, Legion Traits are similar to the Chapter Tactics that Space Marines have access too. They will affect all Infantry, Bikes and Helbrutes with the Iron Warriors Legion keyword.

Siege MastersEnemy units attacked by units with this trait do not gain any bonus to their saving throws for being in cover. In addition, you can re-roll failed wound rolls for units with this trait when they target a BUILDING.

This is not nearly as impressive as the Emperor’s Children rules. Cover means virtually nothing in 8th edition anyway and it’s not nearly as big of a deal as it was in 7th. So ignoring cover is not nearly as good as it once was. Furthermore, I have never once seen a single player take any buildings in their army list other than an Aegis Defence Line. This means that the ability to re-roll wound rolls will almost never come up. It would have been much more competitive if they had made it against vehicles. Oh well..

GW has also shown us one of the Tzeentch psychic powers that will apparently make Terminators absolutely amazing. This can be used in any Chaos Space Marine army though and so does not directly relate to the Iron Warriors per se. I’m sure it’s still advice worth taking, but today we’ll stick to Iron Warriors specific stuff.

One thing they told us about that is super exciting is a new upgrade called Fleshmetal Exoskeleton. This upgrade can only be taken by Iron Warriors and gifts the bearer with a 2+ Save and the ability to re-generate a wound each turn. Very similar to how Daemon Engines currently do. Cool!

Currently Chaos Lords are absolutely amazing in an Iron Warriors army because they allow any unit within 3″ to re-roll ones. Games workshop has finally made a Warlord Trait that isn’t completely useless. This will also make Chaos Lords even better. The Iron Warriors Warlord Trait is called Cold and Bitter and allows friendly Iron Warriors units within 6″ to automatically pass Morale.

This is awesome and so fluffy. In 30k my Iron Warriors don’t take Leadership Tests from shooting. Now in 40k I guess they don’t either. Thanks GW. Finally a Warlord Trait that actually might affect the outcome of a game. I can’t wait to start building my new lists once I get my hands on this book.

Until our next encounter!

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