New Chaos Codex – Legion Rules Update

By: Kitbasha Jay

Yesterday we discussed the imminent release of new Chaos Space Marine rules. It’s about time they did the Chaos Legions justice by giving them each their own ruleset similar to Space Marine Chapter Tactics. They gave us a supplement at the end of 7th which was usable for about 3 months before the new edition popped its head up. We finally got this supplement after nearly 2 editions with almost no updates. It’s about time Games Workshop brought Chaos back to the forefront as the Imperium’s worst enemy.

There’s not much on the net about what rules these various legions will get. What Games Workshop has told us for sure is that all of the Legions will be represented. We will get rules for Emperor’s Children, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Word Bearers, World Eaters, Alpha Legion, and Black Legion in this new book. As well as rules for Renegade Space Marine Chapters that have fallen since the Horus Heresy.

This further confirms what I was saying yesterday about speculating that Death Guard and Thousand Sons will get their own book. They’ve told us they will absolutely have their own books. Games Workshop has also explained how these Legion Rules will operate in more detail.

Chaos Legion Rules

Every Legion will have a Legion Trait very similar to Chapter Tactics. This will be an army wide buff that will affect all Infantry, Bikes and Hellbrutes of that Legion. Much like the Chapter Traits affect Infantry, Bikes and Dreadnoughts. Now we’re getting somewhere.

The only legion they’ve given us a proper look at so far is The Emperor’s Children. So let’s take a look at them as our example of what to expect in relationship to our own respective legions. So first on the list is of course the Legion Trait.

Flawless PerfectionUnits with this trait always fight first in the Fight phase even if they didn’t charge. If the enemy has units that have charged, or that have a similar ability, then alternate choosing units to fight with, starting with the player whose turn is taking place.

I won’t even get into how ridiculous and powerful this is. Especially when added to the fact that Noise Marines get to make a shooting attack once you kill them. Talk about gross…but we’ll save that for a different blog. For now I’d like to use this as an example of how other legions will be affected. I can’t wait to see what my Iron Warriors and Night Lords get.

At the very least they’ve officially told us that Possessed will be getting an extra wound at no additional point cost. Oh how long we have waited for Possessed to actually be a unit worth including in our lists. Considering the models are so amazing.

We also got a look at the Slaanesh stratagem. Luckily it’s not just Emperor’s Children but any Slaanesh Infantry or Bikers. For 2 CP you get to fire again. My Gods that’s insane in the hands of Noise Marines. So let’s add this up for a second. So I can unload everything I have from my Noise Marines. Which have a lot of shots to start with. I can use 2 Command Points to fire everything a second time. Then I assault you. I strike first and if you still have anything left I get to fire a third time with any model that dies from your units’ attacks. Gross…just gross.

This nastiness makes me want to start an Emperor’s Children army. Also never to play against one. Especially with my Orks. Furthermore, it leaves me with high hopes of what to expect from the other Chaos Legions. Perhaps the other Legions will get rules that are even more OP. We can only pray to the Dark Gods that it be so.

Until our next Encounter!

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