New Space Marine Codex! What’s in it?

By: Kitbasha Jay

Games Workshop has finally given us a window into what the new Space Marine Codex will include. This is really exciting for us here at Encounter Wargaming. I’m sure Adam is stoked to add some new units to his growing Imperial Forces. Also we both love seeing new stuff from Games Workshop. I mean these kits just keep getting cooler and cooler. Plus it seems we’re getting some new Primaris Characters.

They’ve told us that the new codex will have 104 pages of background….that’s a lot of background. They will be including all the epic story elements we’ve seen in the past. On top of that they’ll be adding in all the new Primaris fluff about the Ultima Founding. Highlighting all the old chapter and even incorporating some new ones.

Space Marine Codex

They haven’t revealed all of the new units that will be included in the book. But they have told us that we will see rules for all the existing Dark Imperium stuff plus Reivers, Repulsors and a Redemptor Deadnought. As well as a new Primaris Chaplain and other Primaris Characters. So Exciting!

They hint that the new Primaris units will actually work quite well when synergized with existing characters that we know and love. For example, pairing Reivers with Helbrecht and Gimaldus will make a deadly assault combination. We can’t wait to see what other awesome combinations this book will have in store for the defenders of the Imperium.

They’ve also told us that they will be updating the Chapter Tactics for all the familiar First Founding Chapters. Apparently these new rules will be much more powerful and flexible than they have been in the past. They also claim that there will be Chapter specific Warlord Traits and Stratagems. Even the Crimson Fists get one regardless of the fact that they are an Imperial Fists Successor.

I wish we had more information at this point but the elusive GW only gives us hints. So we’ll just have to wait until we can get our paws on this new book. This is an exciting time to be a 40k Gamer.

Until our next encounter!

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 9 – Inspiration hour – Sources of creative inspiration for 40k

Today we have fun discussing the wonderful things outside of Games Workshop that inspire us to build and paint and play games in the 40k universe.

Books, movies, art, life, whatever! Its all on the table for creative inspiration.

What inspires you?

Comment on the Facebook page with your thoughts and we will tally them together and make a blog post with all of your inspirations.

30K Thursday – Arcus Strike Tank

By Kitbasha Jay

So we all love the Sicaran Battle Tank. The majority of Horus Heresy gamers I know have at least one of them in their arsenal. Another popular choice is the Whirlwind Scorpius. Once again, most people have at least one in their armoury. So what did forgeworld go and do. THEY PUT A SCORPIUS LAUNCHER ON A SICARAN!!!

What Heresy is this?.. you may ask. Well apparently even in the fluff this tank is almost against the Omnissiah. The Mechanicum even refuse to produce or maintain these vehicles. The truth is the Horus Heresy saw a lot of improvised weaponry and innovative technology regardless of the risk of offending the adepts of the machine god.

Arcus Pattern Sicaran

Because of this lack of maintenance the tank’s ancient mechanisms have been replaced with a more state of the art (for the 31st Millennium) Rotary Missle Launchers. These unleash a hail of incendiary missiles to completely saturate an area. It still being a fast Sicaran on top of that makes it an extremely offensive tank.

In this writers opinion this tank is awesome..but unoriginal. They really just took two extremely popular tanks and forced them to have a love child. The reality is though that this offspring got the best of both worlds. What looks very similar to the Scorpius Launcher actually has many small missiles in each barrel. Plus drum ammo feed…ya that’s right…DRUM FED MISSILES! Sweeeeeet!

Final conclusion, what appears at first glance to be two old designs masquerading as a new model is actually a bad ass idea. I haven’t seen the rules for this tank yet but if it behaves in either 30k or 40k the way they described it in the fluff than I will definitely have to add one to the Iron Warriors at least.

Until our next encounter!

Widget Wednesday – Sculpting Tool (Rounded Scraper)

By: Kitbasha Jay

In every hobbyists arsenal should be a few good sculpting tools. A lot of the time we miniature gamers wish to personalize our pieces. Sometimes this is done by “bashing” together more than one kit. Other times it’s customizing details on a model just to add some personal flair. Sometimes it’s to cover imperfections or blemishes from repositioning arms and other appendages. Regardless of your reasons we all at one time or another need to be familiar with sculpting putty.

The most common form of this is the familiar green stuff that you can purchase in both liquid and putty form. It is pretty much sold at any hobby shop, especially ones that carry Games Workshop products. If you can’t find it near you then you can purchase it from GW here. But there are other putties and epoxies that people will recommend.

Regardless of what kind of sculpting putty you use, and feel free to experiment, every good hobbyist should have a trusty sculpting tool. I have several sculpting tools myself of different shapes and sizes. Each with a specific purpose. Believe it or not Games Workshop has a pretty handy set for anyone starting out with simple Green Stuff manipulation. Check it out here.

Sculpting Tool Set

In this writer’s opinion the most important of these tools is the rounded scraper. I personally use this for almost all of my sculpting needs. GW used to only sell the rounded scraper. The above set give you a couple others that are quite useful and do have their purpose. But the most important of them is the rounded scraper. At $31CAD for the Games Workshop set it makes much more sense to simply invest in the one tool. The truth is other companies sell them for much cheaper. For example Bombshell Miniatures. Just the 1 tool is $5. The most important one!

Rounded Scraper

Anyway, Encounter Wargaming is not sponsored by either of the above companies but I wanted to show that these things are easily accessible for those that don’t have a FLGS around the corner and cost next to nothing. Speaking out of personal experience the rounded scraper is an important tool that all hobbyists should have in their toolbox.

Until our Next Encounter!

8th Edition Codex Release Schedule Rumours

Games Workshop officially announced that they are releasing rules updates for all the armies a lot sooner than we expected. We at Encounter Wargaming are super excited about this. Not only does this mean that our armies are finally getting dedicated books. It also means that the current indexes will be phased out sooner rather than later.

This is a good thing since we discovered after purchasing all of the indexes that there was a wide range of typos and misprints. Not to mention a lot of rules that are cumbersome and clunky. We understand that it is not easy completely gutting a rules system and re-building it from the ground up. Which is why we did not complain about the current indexes. In fact we love the new edition and have been having a great time playing games of the New Warhammer 40,000.

8th Edition Space Marine Codex

All that being said, we are officially getting Codex books for each army that will replace the indexes over the course of a few months. We don’t think Games Workshop has made any official announcements about actual release dates. (Please correct us if we’re wrong about that) But there are rumours circulating the internet about when these new books will be released.

In fact, the first codex releases seem like they’re even going to be this month. AWESOME!!! It appears that the first to be released will be Codex Space Marines. No surprise here. Every edition of Warhammer 40,000 has seen Space Marines released before any other army. This is natural since Space Marines are kind of Games Workshop’s poster child. Also the starter sets always include some form of Space Marines. This time around we got the new Primaris Space Marines so obviously they will be incorporating these new shiny marines into the normal Space Marine line.

The next rumoured release after Space Marines seems that it’s going to be the Death Guard. Not Chaos Space Marines…Death Guard specifically. This again makes a lot of sense since they are the enemy that the new Primaris Marines are pitted against in the new Dark Imperium Starter Set. It will be exciting to see what new toys the Death Guard get as well as what they intend to do with the new Primaris Marine rules.

So keep an eye out over the coming weeks. We just might be getting some shiny new books to add to our collections. Plus updated rules are always a good thing. Especially since the initial release was not as well thought out as we were expecting. Again not to complain…but we are happy that Games Workshop is updating this new rules system as soon as they possibly can. Thanks Games Workshop. Keep the good stuff coming.

Death Guard are getting a new tank!

So the internet freaked out last week when word of a new tank for the Death Guard was leaked. This tank looks absolutely awesome and there’s been a lot of speculation as to what this vehicle actually is. Until Games Workshop releases official news on the matter all we can do is speculate. So let’s speculate shall we.

There has been some talk of this being a modern version of the Epic 40k Contagion Plague Engine. Which was really more of a Super-heavy Trebuchet. It appears to us that it is more like a Chaos version of a Griffon Mortar Tank.

Death Guard Artillery Tank

After doing a little more research into this it seems that this beautiful new vehicle is in fact called a Plagueburst Crawler. Should be interesting to see how Games Workshop incorporates this into the new Death Guard rules. It’s about time Chaos got some new tanks. Especially ones that are Chaos specific and not just traitor versions of Imperial tanks.

Encounter Wargaming is so happy that they’re finally giving the Death Guard some love. We’ve seen Khorne get some awesome new models a couple years ago. Last year they released a whole bunch of new Tzeench stuff. Including a Daemon Primarch with Magnus the Red. We know for a fact that most of the Chaos Primarchs are still living…even if it is in Daemon form.

We can only hope that with the Death Guard being the new big bad guy for 8th edition that we could possibly see another Primarch in the coming months. Again this is just speculation. We would be ecstatic if they finally release a Mortarion model. Oh how sweet it is to be a follower of Nurgle these days. Thanks for the awesome new stuff GW. Keep it coming guys. We’re loving it.

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 8 – Faction Focus: Necrons

The skeletal horde of the Necrons are shrouded in mystery and we are here to clear up some of the unknown about our living metal friends.

In this episode we cover the fluff, some of their core mechanics in the new edition and have a little fun at the end at the expense of one of their characters.

Thanks for tuning in!



30k Thursday – Brand New Rulebook Confirmed.

So with 8th now out and some of the hype dying down, all the 30k players are wondering what’s happening with the Horus Heresy. A few months ago they promised us a new rulebook that would mimic Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition. We are being told to use the 7th Edition Rulebook for now, but what of this new Rulebook?

Clearly they’re not going to keep printing the 7th ed rulebook alongside 8th. I can see how that would be confusing to the influx of new players that Games Workshop plans to rope in with 8th Edition. On the flip side, those that have purchased Forgeworld’s massive volumes are worried that the immense amount of cash they used to purchase these encyclopedias will make their investment obsolete. Well don’t worry. Because the new Rulebook has been confirmed.

Horus Heresy

They have officially announced on the Warhammer Community page that this new rulebook is definitely going to happen. The truth is Horus Heresy has slowly been developing over both the 6th and 7th edition of Warhammer 40,000. Also not all the armies that should be included in that timeframe have been given rules yet. So rather than have to re-do everything fresh after just overhauling an entire game, Forgeworld has decided to keep developing the game we have grown to love.

In this writers humble opinion The Horus Heresy did, in many ways, already smooth out most of the problems players were having with 7th edition. The problem with the game was that some of the Legion Rules and other army lists were written in 6th edition while others were written in 7th. These two editions being very different climates on the 40k side of things.

Many of the rules for Horus Heresy had to be amended or FAQed in order to smooth them out with the 7th edition of 40k. Luckily Forgeworld has the ability now to create a unique rulebook specifically for The Horus Heresy. No longer will they have to amend rules to suit a foreign rulebook.

For example, they’ve promised to reprint the USR section with only the special rules that apply to the Horus Heresy. This will also allow them to slightly tweak these rules to make sure that they function more appropriately with the Age of Darkness Army Lists. Especially because this section will also include rules that are universal within The Horus Heresy that aren’t featured in Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition.

Another example they gave on the Warhammer Community page was being able to consolidate the previous expansions to 40k like Stronghold Assault with the current rulebook. This is great news because it means that we don’t have to search eBay for out of print editions of anything.

Although, I have heard players upset that there will no longer be rules for Xenos races in The Horus Heresy. The truth is there never was. Because Horus Heresy used the same core rules as 40k people were able to build armies that could function properly on the battlefield against one another. The truth is you can still play those armies if you want but you will have to be the ones searching eBay for out of print books. Sorry guys. Start a legion!

We here at Encounter Wargaming are super excited that they’ve decided to preserve the Old Ways as it were. It seems that many people switched from 7th edition to Horus Heresy because of the bloated nature of 7th edition and usually because of the lack of formations with free special rules in 30k. This will allow all those old grumblers to enjoy the game they know and love. It will also allow them to continue making rules for the armies that do not currently exist in the Horus Heresy books. Third it will allow Forgeworld to make the core rules WAY more compatible with the existing army lists.

We welcome this new division between Warhammer 40,000 and The Horus Heresy. They were always treated as 2 different games even though they really weren’t. Now they unmistakably are and it is actually very refreshing.

Until our next Encounter!

Widget Wednesday – Horde Trays by LITKO Game Accessories

On Wednesdays we talk about widgets. Those little things that make our gaming life easier…or even just cooler. These can be anything from turn counters to card holders and everything in between.

Today we’re going to take a look at some cool little movement trays we came across in our online journeys. We’ve all seen the square movement trays that people used to use for Warhammer long long ago. We’ve even seen some square ones that are specially cut to fit round bases. There was a time when round bases were not used in Warhammer and so people who had a Chaos Daemon Army (used in both games) needed trays to be able to put their round based units in rank and file formations for use in Warhammer.

We thought it was really cool when we came across these little gadgets. They’re called horde trays. Warhammer 40,000 and the new incarnation of Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, don’t require ranking your troops. These games do require large units of models all kept within a coherency. It can take quite some time moving 20, 30, 40 sometimes upwards of 100 or 200 models every game turn. The answer to this problem is these awesome trays.

horde trays

Most of us play on a battle mat, large sheet of plywood, or even dining room and ping pong tables. Sometimes it can be daunting moving a hundred or so models around a large flat surface. While at the same time checking for unit coherency. These should solve the problem quite nicely.

The movement trays fit 20,25,30,32,40,50mm etc. bases. They also come in 5 and 10 bases per tray. This could make Jay’s Ork army much easier to move around a 6×4. It will definitely save a lot of time in the movement phase. Anyway, check out they have a lot more awesome stuff than just movement trays.

In no way is Encounter Wargaming sponsored by this company but we think they have a bunch of awesome widgets for fair prices. We have a feeling Jay will be picking up a few of these for his Ork Army. So check them out. You may find something to help up your game.

Terrain Tuesday – Futura City by Systema Gaming

Encounter Wargaming would like to feature some awesome terrain. Systema gaming has been putting out a series of stunning laser cut MDF terrain. These kits were a joy to put together and to paint. Also they are an absolute dream to play on. We’re talking about the Futura City set by Systema Gaming.

They sent us some of this amazing terrain to showcase on our YouTube Channel and let me tell you we absolutely love this stuff. We intended to use the terrain to complete the Infinity gaming table that we were working on at the time. Since then we have found it incredibly useful for Warhammer 40k as well.

systema terrain

When we received this terrain we were so excited to get our hands on it. We were particularly impressed with how well the “sprues”, if you can call them that, were laid out. It made for quick and easy assembly. Because of the various stages of assembly required to build the structures it also provided ease of painting. Ours were done using Adam’s airbrush. Due to the fact that they assemble in sub-assemblies, and can still remain modular even after assembly, these buildings could easily be painted very quickly with even a few rattle cans and still look amazing.

Futura City Systema Gaming

The pictures you see here are of our Systema pieces. It’s amazing how easy it was to make them turn out beautifully. Systema gaming has a wide variety of buildings in their Futura City set. Check out their website at

If you want to see us build and paint the pieces shown in the above photos check out our Infinity Terrain series on our Youtube page. Or click the links below.

FC Security Building Tutorial

Base 0 Communications Unit Tutorial

So if you’re in the market for a quick and easy table for any 28mm sci-fi miniature game then look no further. Systema has great stuff at a good price point. If you check out their site and find something you like than don’t resist. You won’t regret it.

Until our next encounter!