New Chaos Codex – What to expect

By: Kitbasha Jay

Last week we examined the Space Marine Codex. That codex has now been released and we’re in anticipation of what will be next. Games Workshop has officially announced that the next two Codeces will be Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knights. So today, we’re going to look at what GW has promised us for Chaos Space Marines

The prospect of a Chaos Space Marine book really excites me. Especially because I have upwards of 6 Chaos armies. 4 of which are Chaos Space Marine Legions. The first exciting prospect of the new codex is Legion Rules. Finally…

Codex Chaos Space Marines

They have promised us rules for 7 Legions and 1 for Renegade Space Marines. Wait…7? Isn’t there 9 Traitor Legions. This could only mean that, since we know we are getting a Death Guard book, that these other two (one of which being Death Guard) will get their own book. This is only speculation but I believe the other will likely be Thousand Sons. Considering they were the most recent update at the end of 7th edition and have a bunch of “new” models.

The second exciting thing about this news is that there will be rules for “non-chaos” Renegade Space Marines. This means players that either play Red Corsairs or have homebrewed their own Traitors will actually have rules specific to their fluff. Not just Huron Blackheart but a whole new set of special rules. Awesome!

They’ve also promised us 13 new Warlord Traits. This is exciting since the Warlord Traits in the rulebook are virtually useless. I’ve even found myself forgetting all about which one I gave my Warlord in recent games. In other words, the existing ones are meaningless and make almost no difference in the outcome of a game. Hopefully these new ones will add character to our existing armies. Especially since 7 of them are Legion Specific.

On top of this, they promise us 14 new Relics that can be purchased for our Warbands. There’s been almost no talk on the web about what these will be. After doing an examination of the ones the Space Marines just got I’m sure there’ll be some awesome stuff in there.

This is an exciting time to be a follower of the Dark Gods. Sorry we couldn’t let you lovely people know more but that’s all we really know for now. As we get more information we will let you know as it comes. So keep an eye out for these new rules. The Codex will be on pre-order as of August 5th. Can’t wait!

Until our next encounter!

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