New Space Marine Codex – New Units

By: Kitbasha Jay

Continuing our journey this week into the first 8th edition codex. Let’s countinue to look at the new Space Marine Codex. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the new units that the interwebs have been talking about.

Many past editions of Warhammer 40,000 have seen the creation of some new armies. The transition from 2nd to 3rd saw the Dark Eldar being added to the game. The transition from 3rd to 4th saw the rise of the Tau with a 3.5 book. 6th to 7th saw the Mechanicus brought into the game. This time around they have basically given us a whole new army except…it’s not a new army.

They basically just created a whole bunch of new units and models for people who already play the most popular army in the game. In every edition though, the Space Marines have always been the first book. So how could we expect anything otherwise?

This means Games Workshop just found a way to kill two birds with one stone. They’ve created these larger, more true scale space marines, that we can use alongside our existing Space Marines. As you will see from this article, they have created a Primaris equivalent for most of the core Space Marine Infantry Units. Therefore, people who want to play nothing but Primaris have a variety of units to choose from to suit different tactics. In other words, a new army without creating a new army. In this article we will take a look at these new Primaris units and what we can expect from them.


These are the Primaris equivalent to Centurions. They apparently come with auto hellstorm gauntlets (Assault 6 18″ Bolters) and fragstorm grenade launchers (Assault D6 18″ S4). They can replace both hailstorm gauntlets with flamestorm gauntlets (Assault 2D6 Flamers). Unlike Centurions these boys actually have Powerfists…even though Centurions look like they have Powerfists I was amazed when they came out and they didn’t have Powerfists. Anyway, you can Combat Squad them into two units of three. Plus, get this, they can advance and suffer no penalty when firing their assault weapons. Yes you read correctly. And if they don’t move they can FIRE TWICE! Yowzah!

Aggressors and Reivers


More or less a replacement for scouts as an infiltrating first wave. The Grav-chutes allow them to deploy 9″ away from the enemy like most other “Deep Strike” units. Also because of their Grapnel Launchers they don’t count vertical distance while moving. Sounds like a wicked awesome unit choice to me.


The Astronaut Marines. Basically a shooty replacement for an assault squad. They of course still come with their Assault 3 Heavy Bolters. They also now have a Plasma Exterminator which is basically an Assault D3 Plasma Gun. Supercharge option and everything. That could lay some hurt when in the right character aura. Also they can now be purchased in 6 and Combat Squad into units of 3.

Inceptor Rules


The most badass Plasma unit ever. They now have 3 Plasma options. Plasma incinerators, assault plasma incinerators or heavy plasma incinerators. Sergeant can swap bolt pistol for plasma pistol. Plus they can be taken in units of 10 now that can Combat Squad.

Hellblaster Rules


The Brand new Hover Tank that everyone’s been drooling over. If you’re going to create a new Space Marine Army you have to add a sweet new tank. T8 W16 Sv3+. It has a ridiculous amount of guns on it including: Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon (Heavy 12 S5 -1AP 1 damage), twin-linked heavy bolter, inbuilt heavy stubber, 2 storm bolters, icarus heavy stubber (36″ heavy 3 S4 -1AP 1 damage. +1 to hit flyers, -1 at ground targets) 2 krakstorm grenade launchers (16″ assault 3 S6 -1AP D3 damage) and auto launchers. Can replace its twin heavy bolters with twin lascannons. It can replace its heavy onslaught gatling cannon with las-talon (24″ heavy 2 S9 -3AP D6 damage) inbuilt heavy stubber with onslaught gatling cannon (24″ Heavy 6 S5 -1AP 1 damage), storm bolters with fragstorm grenade launchers, icarus heavy stubber with icarus rocket pod (Heavy D3 24″ S7 -1AP 1 damage. +1 to hit flyers, -1 to hit ground targets), storm bolter or fragstorm grenade launcher and auto launchers with 2 fragstorm grenade launchers. It can also take an addition inbuilt heavy stubber on top of the rest. Can you say more Dakka? It can apparently only transport Primaris Marines and Gravis Infantry. Nothing else. Also it subtracts 2″ from charge rolls when the enemy charges at it. That’s pretty cool.

Repulsor Rules


No Space Marine army would be complete without a Dreadnought. We can always appreciate when Games Workshop invents a new Dreadnought. Personally I love walkers. The more the merrier. This one, however, comes with a crap load of firepower. Just like the Tank. It comes with a heavy onslaught gatling cannon, heavy flamer, icarus rocket pod, 2 fragstorm grenade launchers and a redemptor fist (basically a Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon that does D6 damage instead of 3). Can replace heavy flamer with onslaught gatling cannon, heavy onslaught gatling cannon with macro plasma incinerator (Heavy D6 S8(9) -4AP 1(2) damage) and fragstorm grenade launchers with storm bolters. Most badass Dreadnought EVER!

Redemptor Rules

So as you can see, not only have Games Workshop created a whole bunch of new and fun units for all the existing Marine players out there. Because let’s face it, we all either have a Space Marine Army or know someone quite well who does. So these people can just add in these new units as they choose. For those who want to start a new army and would rather it be all Primaris and no “little” marines, then they’ve given you a wide variety of units that could actually create a pretty amazing army on its own.

Until our next encounter!

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