New Space Marine Codex – Relics

By: Kitbasha Jay

So yesterday we took a look at the new Stratagems that are going to be available to Space Marine Chapters once the new book is released. Today we’re going to look at other items that can buff your Marines. These are called Chapter Relics.

All Space Marine Chapters have a collection of Relics that either tell the history of their Chapter or of the Imperium itself. These items inspire bravery amongst the brethren or are just simply badass weapons that can cleave a Greater Daemon in half. Whatever the Chapter considers a relic, the bottom line is that these are arcane items from the ancient past that make the Chapter what it is.

Space Marine Relics

So let’s start at the beginning of the list and go through them one by one. Shall we?

The Armor Indomitus: The wearer of the Armor Indomitus has a Save characteristic of 2+ in addition once per battle before making use of the wearer’s saving throws, you can choose to activate the armour’s force-field. When you do so, the Armor Indomitus confers a 3+ invulnerable save for the remainder of the turn.

This is pretty cool. A storm shield built into a suit of Artificer Armour. The “Storm Shield” save can only be used once per battle but this is still a pretty cool item for any Space Marine Character.

The Shield Eternal: Model with a storm shield or combat shield only. The Shield Eternal replaces the models storm shield or combat shield. This relic grants the bearer a 3+ invulnerable save, and any damage they suffer is halved rounding up.

Instead of a Storm Shield save built into the armour this is simply a way better than normal Storm Shield. Not only are Storm Shields super annoying to deal with but now the damage the model suffers is reduced by half. This item will make your important characters much more survivable. Awesome! I like these relics so far.

Standard of the Emperor Ascendent: Company Ancient, Chapter Ancient, or Primaris Ancient only. If a model has the Standard of the Emperor Ascent, you can add 1 to the dice roll made to see if a friendly models within 6″ of the banner can summon the strength to make one final attack when slain. In addition within 6″ of the bearer, friendly Adeptus Astartes models automatically pass Morale test while enemy units subtract 1 from their Leadership Characteristic

Ancients are really good. As I learned when I faced Adam’s Primaris Marines with my Orks. This just made them even better. It’s annoying enough killing an enemy unit and having them all fire back at you on a 4+. This banner makes it a 3+. Yikes! on top of that it reduces the enemy’s leadership and makes it so your marines don’t run away at all….ever..bomb!

Teeth of Terra: Replaces Chainsword. Melee, S+1, AP -1, 1D. D3 additional attacks with this weapon.

So a chainsword normally gives you +1 Attack. This one give D3. On top of that it adds +1 to your Strength and -1 AP with no negative to your hit. That is the most badass chainsword ever!

The Primarch’s Wrath: Models with boltgun or master-crafted boltgun only. Range 24″ Type Rapid Fire 2, S5, AP -1, 2D.

This is pretty damn cool. You can turn a model’s boltgun into a mini Heavy Bolter. Except it does 2 Damage per shot. Almost sounds better than a Heavy Bolter.

The Burning Blade: Models with power sword or master-crafted power sword only. Melee, S+2, AP -5, 1D

Much like the above buff to boltguns this is an awesome buff to Power Sword. It basically make a Power Sword better than a Power Axe. You get the +2S without the -1 to hit. Plus AP -5. Daaamn!

Tome of Malcador: Psyker Only. Allows your character to know one additional psychic power.

This is pretty cool. Add that to the Emphyic Channeling that we talked about yesterday and a group of Librarians becomes pretty powerful. Welcome back Librarius Conclave.

Chapter Specific Relics

The Salamanders Mantle: Salamanders model only. Gives the wearer +1 Toughness.

Not bad. Could be gross if put on a model riding a bike. That would be a really hard to kill character.

Axe of Medusa: Iron hands only. Replaces Power Axe. S+2 AP -3 2D

The major difference I see here between this and a Power Axe is that it doesn’t appear to give you the -1 to hit. That could actually make this axe wicked awesome in the right hands.

Raven’s Fury: Raven Guard Jump Pack model only. The bearer of the Raven’s Fury can Advance and Charge in the same turn. Furthermore, the bearer can re-roll failed charge rolls.

That’s awesome. I know it’s only 1 model but if you have that Raven Guard character that is just meant form slicing and dicing give him this and watch him wreck face in combat after covering some serious ground in one turn.

Mantle of the Stormseer: White scars only. The leak is hard to read but it appears it makes it easier for a librarian to cast smite and unleash the “power of the storm”. whatever that means.

Hopefully we can get more information on that in the future. Right now I’m not finding much online and the leak posted above is very hard to make out. But either way we can see that they are giving White Scars a reason to take Librarians. This keeps them fluffy and fun.

The Fist of Vengeance: Crimson Fists only, replaces powerfist. Melee, S+6 AP -4, 3D

Another Item that replaces a standard weapon. This time effectively giving a model S10 instead of S8. Also giving you a straight 3 Damage. Sounds even better than a Chainfist to me.

The Sanctic Halo: Ultramarines Captain only. Bearer has a 3+ invulnerable save and can deny one psychic power in each enemy Psychic phase in the same manner as a Psyker.

This will definitely come in handy when facing a Psyker heavy armies. Not only is a 3+ Invulnerable Save a pain in the ass but it also means you don’t need as many Librarians on the field in order to counter your enemy’s psychic powers. Pretty cool!

The Crusaders Helm: Black Templar model only, The wearer increases the range of any aura abilities on its datasheet by 3″.

Wow! Some of the auras available to Space Marine characters are already awesome. Like the re-rolls to hit and such. This makes Black Templar Characters even better. I see this as being particularly handy when a unit has charged ahead into combat because you got over zealous (which is what Templars do) so that they are still within range of your awesome character buffs. Sweet!

The Spartean: Imperial Fist model with bolt pistol. Range 12″, Pistol 2, S4, Ap -1. 2D. This weapon can target enemy Characters.

The final basic weapon replacement in the list of Relics. This time it’s a 2 shot Botpistol that can target characters. Also it dishes out 2 Damage per shot. Considering most minor characters are now 4 Wounds, this could effectively take out that annoying enemy buff in 1 round of shooting. It seems the Imperial Fists are wicked good at shooting stuff. As they should be.

So those are the new relics as best we can tell at this point. As you can tell there is quite a few awesome items that will make your Space Marine characters not only more flavourful, but also much more effective on the battlefield. Check back with us tomorrow when we go over the new Chapter Tactics and how those will mesh with these Relics and the Stratagems we talked about yesterday.

Until our next encounter!

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