30k Thursday – Legion Sicaran Punisher

By: Kitbasha Jay

30K Thursday is back with another look at the new Sicaran variants. Since we talked about the Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank in last week’s Blog it is only fitting that we discuss an even cooler variant…The Sicaran Punisher Assault Tank.

Fitting name for it since it has a variant of the Punisher Cannon on it’s turret. So not only have we seen the Scorpius Launcher get placed on a Sicaran Hull, but now they’ve put a Punisher Cannon on it. OOOHHH MAN! Does this tank look awesome.

Sicaran Punisher

What an awesome cannon! Now this is a little different than the previous Punisher Cannon found on the familiar Leman Russ variant. This magnificent weapon is known as a Punisher Rotary Cannon. In Horus Heresy this translates to a 36″ Ranged S5 AP4 Heavy 18. Nice! Also if the Sicaran doesn’t move it can give the Punisher Rotary Cannon the Rending special rule. When you do this, however, it can’t fire next turn. Much like Fury of the Legion.

If you are a 40k player as well, than you have nothing to be disappointed about because it’s got rules for 8th edition as well. Very similar 36″ S5 AP-1 Heavy 18. If the Sicaran doesn’t move or advance it may re-roll all hit rolls of 1 with the Punisher Rotary Cannon. Ya you read that right. It’s even better in 40k because you can do that every turn. Bomb!

I definitely think my Iron Warriors are going to need one of these bad boys. Maybe even the Arcus Pattern too. Oh Forgeworld…you just keep releasing such awesome stuff we can’t all help but keep salivating. It must be said that Horus Heresy is proving to be an awesome game on it’s own separate from 40k. Keep the good stuff coming boys.

Until our next encounter!

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