Widget Wednesdays – Base Inlays by templatesandwidgets.com

By: Kitbasha Jay

Another Widget Wednesday, and today we’re going to be talking about base inlays. Some of you may have seen these before, others have not. The product we’re discussing are laser cut shapes, usually made of mdf or other materials, that either fit in or on your miniatures’ bases.

On my journeys through the interwebs I came across these bad boys. MDF base inlays sold by a company called Templates and Widgets. Sounds like the perfect company to feature on Widget Wednesdays wouldn’t you say?

Clockwork Inlays

The ones you see depicted here they call the Clockwork Inlays. These are absolutely magnificent. They come on an MDF sheet very similar to a laser cut terrain piece. Of course you have to provide your own bases, but man do these make rimmed bases look amazing. This is the sheet below.

Clockwork Inlays Sprue

When I first saw these the first thing I thought of was Malifaux. The truth is these would be great for Warmachine/Hordes and even Age of Sigmar. They are intended for rimmed bases but I’m sure they would make great tops for bases on a Duardin or Kharadron army. Especially these ones that are called druid base inlays.

Druid Inlay

These inlays are awesome. I look forward to more companies producing accessories like these. For now though, if you like these bases, check out Templates & Widgets online store. These inlays are not expensive by any means. So check them out when you get the urge to have some awesome Malifaux bases.

Templates & Widgets Base Inlays

I think the next Malifaux crew I do will definitely have a few of these incorporated into the faction. Maybe if I ever start a Kharadron army I can build them with some Clockwork bases. So cool!

Until our next encounter!

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