New Space Marine Codex! What’s in it?

By: Kitbasha Jay

Games Workshop has finally given us a window into what the new Space Marine Codex will include. This is really exciting for us here at Encounter Wargaming. I’m sure Adam is stoked to add some new units to his growing Imperial Forces. Also we both love seeing new stuff from Games Workshop. I mean these kits just keep getting cooler and cooler. Plus it seems we’re getting some new Primaris Characters.

They’ve told us that the new codex will have 104 pages of background….that’s a lot of background. They will be including all the epic story elements we’ve seen in the past. On top of that they’ll be adding in all the new Primaris fluff about the Ultima Founding. Highlighting all the old chapter and even incorporating some new ones.

Space Marine Codex

They haven’t revealed all of the new units that will be included in the book. But they have told us that we will see rules for all the existing Dark Imperium stuff plus Reivers, Repulsors and a Redemptor Deadnought. As well as a new Primaris Chaplain and other Primaris Characters. So Exciting!

They hint that the new Primaris units will actually work quite well when synergized with existing characters that we know and love. For example, pairing Reivers with Helbrecht and Gimaldus will make a deadly assault combination. We can’t wait to see what other awesome combinations this book will have in store for the defenders of the Imperium.

They’ve also told us that they will be updating the Chapter Tactics for all the familiar First Founding Chapters. Apparently these new rules will be much more powerful and flexible than they have been in the past. They also claim that there will be Chapter specific Warlord Traits and Stratagems. Even the Crimson Fists get one regardless of the fact that they are an Imperial Fists Successor.

I wish we had more information at this point but the elusive GW only gives us hints. So we’ll just have to wait until we can get our paws on this new book. This is an exciting time to be a 40k Gamer.

Until our next encounter!

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