30K Thursday – Arcus Strike Tank

By Kitbasha Jay

So we all love the Sicaran Battle Tank. The majority of Horus Heresy gamers I know have at least one of them in their arsenal. Another popular choice is the Whirlwind Scorpius. Once again, most people have at least one in their armoury. So what did forgeworld go and do. THEY PUT A SCORPIUS LAUNCHER ON A SICARAN!!!

What Heresy is this?.. you may ask. Well apparently even in the fluff this tank is almost against the Omnissiah. The Mechanicum even refuse to produce or maintain these vehicles. The truth is the Horus Heresy saw a lot of improvised weaponry and innovative technology regardless of the risk of offending the adepts of the machine god.

Arcus Pattern Sicaran

Because of this lack of maintenance the tank’s ancient mechanisms have been replaced with a more state of the art (for the 31st Millennium) Rotary Missle Launchers. These unleash a hail of incendiary missiles to completely saturate an area. It still being a fast Sicaran on top of that makes it an extremely offensive tank.

In this writers opinion this tank is awesome..but unoriginal. They really just took two extremely popular tanks and forced them to have a love child. The reality is though that this offspring got the best of both worlds. What looks very similar to the Scorpius Launcher actually has many small missiles in each barrel. Plus drum ammo feed…ya that’s right…DRUM FED MISSILES! Sweeeeeet!

Final conclusion, what appears at first glance to be two old designs masquerading as a new model is actually a bad ass idea. I haven’t seen the rules for this tank yet but if it behaves in either 30k or 40k the way they described it in the fluff than I will definitely have to add one to the Iron Warriors at least.

Until our next encounter!

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