Widget Wednesday – Sculpting Tool (Rounded Scraper)

By: Kitbasha Jay

In every hobbyists arsenal should be a few good sculpting tools. A lot of the time we miniature gamers wish to personalize our pieces. Sometimes this is done by “bashing” together more than one kit. Other times it’s customizing details on a model just to add some personal flair. Sometimes it’s to cover imperfections or blemishes from repositioning arms and other appendages. Regardless of your reasons we all at one time or another need to be familiar with sculpting putty.

The most common form of this is the familiar green stuff that you can purchase in both liquid and putty form. It is pretty much sold at any hobby shop, especially ones that carry Games Workshop products. If you can’t find it near you then you can purchase it from GW here. But there are other putties and epoxies that people will recommend.

Regardless of what kind of sculpting putty you use, and feel free to experiment, every good hobbyist should have a trusty sculpting tool. I have several sculpting tools myself of different shapes and sizes. Each with a specific purpose. Believe it or not Games Workshop has a pretty handy set for anyone starting out with simple Green Stuff manipulation. Check it out here.

Sculpting Tool Set

In this writer’s opinion the most important of these tools is the rounded scraper. I personally use this for almost all of my sculpting needs. GW used to only sell the rounded scraper. The above set give you a couple others that are quite useful and do have their purpose. But the most important of them is the rounded scraper. At $31CAD for the Games Workshop set it makes much more sense to simply invest in the one tool. The truth is other companies sell them for much cheaper. For example Bombshell Miniatures. Just the 1 tool is $5. The most important one!

Rounded Scraper

Anyway, Encounter Wargaming is not sponsored by either of the above companies but I wanted to show that these things are easily accessible for those that don’t have a FLGS around the corner and cost next to nothing. Speaking out of personal experience the rounded scraper is an important tool that all hobbyists should have in their toolbox.

Until our Next Encounter!

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