8th Edition Codex Release Schedule Rumours

Games Workshop officially announced that they are releasing rules updates for all the armies a lot sooner than we expected. We at Encounter Wargaming are super excited about this. Not only does this mean that our armies are finally getting dedicated books. It also means that the current indexes will be phased out sooner rather than later.

This is a good thing since we discovered after purchasing all of the indexes that there was a wide range of typos and misprints. Not to mention a lot of rules that are cumbersome and clunky. We understand that it is not easy completely gutting a rules system and re-building it from the ground up. Which is why we did not complain about the current indexes. In fact we love the new edition and have been having a great time playing games of the New Warhammer 40,000.

8th Edition Space Marine Codex

All that being said, we are officially getting Codex books for each army that will replace the indexes over the course of a few months. We don’t think Games Workshop has made any official announcements about actual release dates. (Please correct us if we’re wrong about that) But there are rumours circulating the internet about when these new books will be released.

In fact, the first codex releases seem like they’re even going to be this month. AWESOME!!! It appears that the first to be released will be Codex Space Marines. No surprise here. Every edition of Warhammer 40,000 has seen Space Marines released before any other army. This is natural since Space Marines are kind of Games Workshop’s poster child. Also the starter sets always include some form of Space Marines. This time around we got the new Primaris Space Marines so obviously they will be incorporating these new shiny marines into the normal Space Marine line.

The next rumoured release after Space Marines seems that it’s going to be the Death Guard. Not Chaos Space Marines…Death Guard specifically. This again makes a lot of sense since they are the enemy that the new Primaris Marines are pitted against in the new Dark Imperium Starter Set. It will be exciting to see what new toys the Death Guard get as well as what they intend to do with the new Primaris Marine rules.

So keep an eye out over the coming weeks. We just might be getting some shiny new books to add to our collections. Plus updated rules are always a good thing. Especially since the initial release was not as well thought out as we were expecting. Again not to complain…but we are happy that Games Workshop is updating this new rules system as soon as they possibly can. Thanks Games Workshop. Keep the good stuff coming.

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