Death Guard are getting a new tank!

So the internet freaked out last week when word of a new tank for the Death Guard was leaked. This tank looks absolutely awesome and there’s been a lot of speculation as to what this vehicle actually is. Until Games Workshop releases official news on the matter all we can do is speculate. So let’s speculate shall we.

There has been some talk of this being a modern version of the Epic 40k Contagion Plague Engine. Which was really more of a Super-heavy Trebuchet. It appears to us that it is more like a Chaos version of a Griffon Mortar Tank.

Death Guard Artillery Tank

After doing a little more research into this it seems that this beautiful new vehicle is in fact called a Plagueburst Crawler. Should be interesting to see how Games Workshop incorporates this into the new Death Guard rules. It’s about time Chaos got some new tanks. Especially ones that are Chaos specific and not just traitor versions of Imperial tanks.

Encounter Wargaming is so happy that they’re finally giving the Death Guard some love. We’ve seen Khorne get some awesome new models a couple years ago. Last year they released a whole bunch of new Tzeench stuff. Including a Daemon Primarch with Magnus the Red. We know for a fact that most of the Chaos Primarchs are still living…even if it is in Daemon form.

We can only hope that with the Death Guard being the new big bad guy for 8th edition that we could possibly see another Primarch in the coming months. Again this is just speculation. We would be ecstatic if they finally release a Mortarion model. Oh how sweet it is to be a follower of Nurgle these days. Thanks for the awesome new stuff GW. Keep it coming guys. We’re loving it.

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