Widget Wednesday – Horde Trays by LITKO Game Accessories

On Wednesdays we talk about widgets. Those little things that make our gaming life easier…or even just cooler. These can be anything from turn counters to card holders and everything in between.

Today we’re going to take a look at some cool little movement trays we came across in our online journeys. We’ve all seen the square movement trays that people used to use for Warhammer long long ago. We’ve even seen some square ones that are specially cut to fit round bases. There was a time when round bases were not used in Warhammer and so people who had a Chaos Daemon Army (used in both games) needed trays to be able to put their round based units in rank and file formations for use in Warhammer.

We thought it was really cool when we came across these little gadgets. They’re called horde trays. Warhammer 40,000 and the new incarnation of Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, don’t require ranking your troops. These games do require large units of models all kept within a coherency. It can take quite some time moving 20, 30, 40 sometimes upwards of 100 or 200 models every game turn. The answer to this problem is these awesome trays.

horde trays

Most of us play on a battle mat, large sheet of plywood, or even dining room and ping pong tables. Sometimes it can be daunting moving a hundred or so models around a large flat surface. While at the same time checking for unit coherency. These should solve the problem quite nicely.

The movement trays fit 20,25,30,32,40,50mm etc. bases. They also come in 5 and 10 bases per tray. This could make Jay’s Ork army much easier to move around a 6×4. It will definitely save a lot of time in the movement phase. Anyway, check out litko.net they have a lot more awesome stuff than just movement trays.

In no way is Encounter Wargaming sponsored by this company but we think they have a bunch of awesome widgets for fair prices. We have a feeling Jay will be picking up a few of these for his Ork Army. So check them out. You may find something to help up your game.

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