Terrain Tuesday – Futura City by Systema Gaming

Encounter Wargaming would like to feature some awesome terrain. Systema gaming has been putting out a series of stunning laser cut MDF terrain. These kits were a joy to put together and to paint. Also they are an absolute dream to play on. We’re talking about the Futura City set by Systema Gaming.

They sent us some of this amazing terrain to showcase on our YouTube Channel and let me tell you we absolutely love this stuff. We intended to use the terrain to complete the Infinity gaming table that we were working on at the time. Since then we have found it incredibly useful for Warhammer 40k as well.

systema terrain

When we received this terrain we were so excited to get our hands on it. We were particularly impressed with how well the “sprues”, if you can call them that, were laid out. It made for quick and easy assembly. Because of the various stages of assembly required to build the structures it also provided ease of painting. Ours were done using Adam’s airbrush. Due to the fact that they assemble in sub-assemblies, and can still remain modular even after assembly, these buildings could easily be painted very quickly with even a few rattle cans and still look amazing.

Futura City Systema Gaming

The pictures you see here are of our Systema pieces. It’s amazing how easy it was to make them turn out beautifully. Systema gaming has a wide variety of buildings in their Futura City set. Check out their website at www.systemagaming.com

If you want to see us build and paint the pieces shown in the above photos check out our Infinity Terrain series on our Youtube page. Or click the links below.

FC Security Building Tutorial

Base 0 Communications Unit Tutorial

So if you’re in the market for a quick and easy table for any 28mm sci-fi miniature game then look no further. Systema has great stuff at a good price point. If you check out their site and find something you like than don’t resist. You won’t regret it.

Until our next encounter!

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