Malifaux Monday – Dead Outlaws

Looks like the Outcasts are getting some sweet new models this month. Wyrd Miniatures never fails to impress with constant releases of awesome sculpts. This months releases are no exception. We have a constant feed of awesome miniatures from this company. Today we’re just going to take a look at these new toys a bit.

When I saw these I was really hoping that they were Rezzer models but Outcasts is good too. The amount of undead in the world of Malifaux is astounding sometimes. I guess even as a zombie an outlaw is still an outlaw.

Dead Outlaws

These bad boys are apparently a 6SS Undead Minion. Not bad..go on. They have Hard to Wound and heal every time a scheme marker is placed within 6″ of them. Which is beautiful because apparently they have a trigger called Drop It! where for a Tome they can force an enemy model to drop an enemy scheme. Nice!

They also have a spell that makes it so enemy models can only walk and interact. That sounds pretty disabling if you ask me. This could also force the enemy to drop markers healing your models.

These models are absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait to see them on the gaming table. We look forward to more awesome releases by Wyrd Miniatures in the coming weeks.

Until our next Encounter!

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