The New Death Guard Rock!

With the advent of an 8th edition to the rules and a brand new Dark Imperium starter set we see the new and shiny Primaris Space Marines pegged against the immortal Death Guard. The Dark Imperium set left us wanting more. Man oh man did GW deliver. These new Death Guard models make the Primaris Marines look like boyscouts.

New Death Guard Marines

Wow! Just WOW!! The starter set was impressive enough but these blow our minds. Much like the new Primaris Captain, these Death Guard look like they’re getting some new wargear options. The blight launcher makes my converting gears start turning. Especially when it is clearly influenced by the Horus Heresy Death Guard model range. However, these models are so pretty (or ugly?) that conversion may not be an option. MUST HAVE!!!


Of course the oozy, gooey poxwalkers are getting their own separate box set as well. Now you can beef up your zombie units. For the longest time I have used Warhammer Zombies as my Plague Zombies. These new Poxwalkers might be replacing those outdated minis quite soon.

We knew that when they released these awesome models in the Dark Imperium set that we would have to get a box of them. How else are we to create massive waves of the undead to swamp the enemy? The Death Guard are making a come back for sure.

It appears that the first place we see these miniatures is going to be a new box set. It’s called First Strike. This is a smart move by GW from a marketing standpoint. Now the we (the customers) will have a much more affordable set than Dark Imperium for new players. Considering It has much less miniatures, a mini rules manual, as opposed to the full rulebook in Dark Imperium.

First Strike

Also this set will catch all the buyers who bought Dark Imperium and just want to add these sweet new releases to the set. Pretty smart GW. I just hope that we get these models in individual kits afterward. Since they have done this with most of the boxed boardgames that contain miniatures compatible with 40k.

But that’s not all…Games Workshop is giving us another boxed game called Know No Fear. This also appears to be a smaller starter set for those that don’t have the piggy bank for Dark Imperium. This set, much like the aforementioned First Strike, will be enticing to those that bought the previous sets and new players alike.

Know No Fear

This set boasts to supply players with 2 basic Patrol Detachments. One for the Primaris Marines and one for the Death Guard. Both First Strike and Know No Fear will provide players with new cardboard terrain and paper gaming mats. The last time we at Encounter Wargaming saw anything like this from GW it was second edition starter set.

So that’s what the next group of releases from 40k will bring us. We can’t wait to get our hands on all these sweet new plastics. Thank you Games Workshop. Your model kits just keep getting better and better. This is an exciting time to play Warhammer 40,000.

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