New Chaos Codex – What to expect

By: Kitbasha Jay

Last week we examined the Space Marine Codex. That codex has now been released and we’re in anticipation of what will be next. Games Workshop has officially announced that the next two Codeces will be Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knights. So today, we’re going to look at what GW has promised us for Chaos Space Marines

The prospect of a Chaos Space Marine book really excites me. Especially because I have upwards of 6 Chaos armies. 4 of which are Chaos Space Marine Legions. The first exciting prospect of the new codex is Legion Rules. Finally…

Codex Chaos Space Marines

They have promised us rules for 7 Legions and 1 for Renegade Space Marines. Wait…7? Isn’t there 9 Traitor Legions. This could only mean that, since we know we are getting a Death Guard book, that these other two (one of which being Death Guard) will get their own book. This is only speculation but I believe the other will likely be Thousand Sons. Considering they were the most recent update at the end of 7th edition and have a bunch of “new” models.

The second exciting thing about this news is that there will be rules for “non-chaos” Renegade Space Marines. This means players that either play Red Corsairs or have homebrewed their own Traitors will actually have rules specific to their fluff. Not just Huron Blackheart but a whole new set of special rules. Awesome!

They’ve also promised us 13 new Warlord Traits. This is exciting since the Warlord Traits in the rulebook are virtually useless. I’ve even found myself forgetting all about which one I gave my Warlord in recent games. In other words, the existing ones are meaningless and make almost no difference in the outcome of a game. Hopefully these new ones will add character to our existing armies. Especially since 7 of them are Legion Specific.

On top of this, they promise us 14 new Relics that can be purchased for our Warbands. There’s been almost no talk on the web about what these will be. After doing an examination of the ones the Space Marines just got I’m sure there’ll be some awesome stuff in there.

This is an exciting time to be a follower of the Dark Gods. Sorry we couldn’t let you lovely people know more but that’s all we really know for now. As we get more information we will let you know as it comes. So keep an eye out for these new rules. The Codex will be on pre-order as of August 5th. Can’t wait!

Until our next encounter!

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 11 – Games, Games, Games! How to run a great Warhammer 40k event

Ever been to a really great Warhammer event? We just had one at our gaming club and spent some time reminiscing about it while also throwing out some advice on how to make one happen for yourself!

The guys also went down to MWG in Welland, ON and had a blast filming games for Youtube with those guys.

Thanks again for tuning in!


New Space Marine Codex – New Units

By: Kitbasha Jay

Continuing our journey this week into the first 8th edition codex. Let’s countinue to look at the new Space Marine Codex. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the new units that the interwebs have been talking about.

Many past editions of Warhammer 40,000 have seen the creation of some new armies. The transition from 2nd to 3rd saw the Dark Eldar being added to the game. The transition from 3rd to 4th saw the rise of the Tau with a 3.5 book. 6th to 7th saw the Mechanicus brought into the game. This time around they have basically given us a whole new army except…it’s not a new army.

They basically just created a whole bunch of new units and models for people who already play the most popular army in the game. In every edition though, the Space Marines have always been the first book. So how could we expect anything otherwise?

This means Games Workshop just found a way to kill two birds with one stone. They’ve created these larger, more true scale space marines, that we can use alongside our existing Space Marines. As you will see from this article, they have created a Primaris equivalent for most of the core Space Marine Infantry Units. Therefore, people who want to play nothing but Primaris have a variety of units to choose from to suit different tactics. In other words, a new army without creating a new army. In this article we will take a look at these new Primaris units and what we can expect from them.


These are the Primaris equivalent to Centurions. They apparently come with auto hellstorm gauntlets (Assault 6 18″ Bolters) and fragstorm grenade launchers (Assault D6 18″ S4). They can replace both hailstorm gauntlets with flamestorm gauntlets (Assault 2D6 Flamers). Unlike Centurions these boys actually have Powerfists…even though Centurions look like they have Powerfists I was amazed when they came out and they didn’t have Powerfists. Anyway, you can Combat Squad them into two units of three. Plus, get this, they can advance and suffer no penalty when firing their assault weapons. Yes you read correctly. And if they don’t move they can FIRE TWICE! Yowzah!

Aggressors and Reivers


More or less a replacement for scouts as an infiltrating first wave. The Grav-chutes allow them to deploy 9″ away from the enemy like most other “Deep Strike” units. Also because of their Grapnel Launchers they don’t count vertical distance while moving. Sounds like a wicked awesome unit choice to me.


The Astronaut Marines. Basically a shooty replacement for an assault squad. They of course still come with their Assault 3 Heavy Bolters. They also now have a Plasma Exterminator which is basically an Assault D3 Plasma Gun. Supercharge option and everything. That could lay some hurt when in the right character aura. Also they can now be purchased in 6 and Combat Squad into units of 3.

Inceptor Rules


The most badass Plasma unit ever. They now have 3 Plasma options. Plasma incinerators, assault plasma incinerators or heavy plasma incinerators. Sergeant can swap bolt pistol for plasma pistol. Plus they can be taken in units of 10 now that can Combat Squad.

Hellblaster Rules


The Brand new Hover Tank that everyone’s been drooling over. If you’re going to create a new Space Marine Army you have to add a sweet new tank. T8 W16 Sv3+. It has a ridiculous amount of guns on it including: Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon (Heavy 12 S5 -1AP 1 damage), twin-linked heavy bolter, inbuilt heavy stubber, 2 storm bolters, icarus heavy stubber (36″ heavy 3 S4 -1AP 1 damage. +1 to hit flyers, -1 at ground targets) 2 krakstorm grenade launchers (16″ assault 3 S6 -1AP D3 damage) and auto launchers. Can replace its twin heavy bolters with twin lascannons. It can replace its heavy onslaught gatling cannon with las-talon (24″ heavy 2 S9 -3AP D6 damage) inbuilt heavy stubber with onslaught gatling cannon (24″ Heavy 6 S5 -1AP 1 damage), storm bolters with fragstorm grenade launchers, icarus heavy stubber with icarus rocket pod (Heavy D3 24″ S7 -1AP 1 damage. +1 to hit flyers, -1 to hit ground targets), storm bolter or fragstorm grenade launcher and auto launchers with 2 fragstorm grenade launchers. It can also take an addition inbuilt heavy stubber on top of the rest. Can you say more Dakka? It can apparently only transport Primaris Marines and Gravis Infantry. Nothing else. Also it subtracts 2″ from charge rolls when the enemy charges at it. That’s pretty cool.

Repulsor Rules


No Space Marine army would be complete without a Dreadnought. We can always appreciate when Games Workshop invents a new Dreadnought. Personally I love walkers. The more the merrier. This one, however, comes with a crap load of firepower. Just like the Tank. It comes with a heavy onslaught gatling cannon, heavy flamer, icarus rocket pod, 2 fragstorm grenade launchers and a redemptor fist (basically a Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon that does D6 damage instead of 3). Can replace heavy flamer with onslaught gatling cannon, heavy onslaught gatling cannon with macro plasma incinerator (Heavy D6 S8(9) -4AP 1(2) damage) and fragstorm grenade launchers with storm bolters. Most badass Dreadnought EVER!

Redemptor Rules

So as you can see, not only have Games Workshop created a whole bunch of new and fun units for all the existing Marine players out there. Because let’s face it, we all either have a Space Marine Army or know someone quite well who does. So these people can just add in these new units as they choose. For those who want to start a new army and would rather it be all Primaris and no “little” marines, then they’ve given you a wide variety of units that could actually create a pretty amazing army on its own.

Until our next encounter!

New Space Marine Codex – Chapter Tactics

By: Kitbasha Jay

So we’ve been taking a journey this week into the 8th edition Space Marine Codex. There is all kinds of leaks floating around online and this writer thought it would be awesome if it was all nice and organized. So Monday we talked about the new Stratagems. Tuesday we took a look at the Relics. Today we take a look at the Chapter Tactics.

Chapter Tactics have always been a nice flavourful addition to the Space Marine ruleset. It has always allowed Space Marine players to create armies that reflect the personalities of their respective Chapter. In many editions of the game there has been a set of army wide rules that come into effect when you play a specific Chapter on the table.

In the past these rules have generally been army wide. This time they’re doing something a little different. It seems in the new book Chapter Tactics will only be available to Infantry, Bikes and Dreadnoughts. So nothing to help your Space Marine Vehicles I guess. Either way, these Chapter Tactics will, for the most part, affect the bulk of your army. These will be inserted in the (Chapter) spot on the keyword list.

Ultramarines Codex Discipline

Add 1 to Leadership for all Ultramarine Models with this tactic. Units with this tactic can Fall Back and shoot in the same turn they Fall Back, but if they do they must subtract 1 from their to hit rolls in the Shooting Phase.

This is an awesome advantage on your basic troops. Also makes Dreadnoughts with shooty load outs much more versatile. Plus if you get your bikes into a combat and realize they don’t want to be there anymore, then back off and shoot the enemy to death. Sounds perfect for Ultramarines and Vanilla Marine players.

Raven Guard Shadow Masters

Your opponent must subtract 1 from to hit rolls when shooting at Raven Guard unit with this tactic if they are more than 12″ away.

Basically what used to be called stealth in the last edition. This reflects the Raven Guard’s personality perfectly. Apearing from the Shadows by surprise. This combined with the Stratagems we talked about on Monday could make it so that you can deploy a Devastator Squad in a nice position at any point during the game and they will be hard to take down. Or give your deep striking assault squads a little more survivability until they are ready to take on the enemy. Sounds cool to me.

White Scars Lightening Assault

Add 2″ to all advance distances. Units with this tactic can still charge in a turn in which they Fell Back.

Fall back and charge is huge. This means that White Scars bike units will be gross since they can leave a combat they don’t like and then just charge something else. Or just keep charging the same unit if that’s your cup of tea. Also adding 2″ to their advance moves can get your units some serious ground coverage. Once again, perfectly reflective of the personality of the White Scars.

Iron Hands The Flesh is Weak

Each time a unit loses a wound with this tactic roll a die on a 6 the damage is ignored and remove the wound.

Similar to the last edition. All Iron Hands used to have a 6+ Feel No Pain. That’s exactly what this is. Which is pretty cool that every marine, bike, and dreadnought in the army gets it. Even without an Apothecary or anything. Bomb!

Imperial Fists Siege Masters

Enemy units do not receive the benefit of cover from shooting attacks from units with this Tactic. Re-roll any failed to Wound rolls against attacks targeting a Building.

This is an iffy one for me. It seems in this new edition cover means very little anyway. It really just protects you from small arms fire. Not like it was in the last edition with cover saves everywhere. Ignores cover was much better then than it is now. This tactic reflects the personality of the Imperial Fists perfectly. Especially since it also means that they are pro at taking out fortifications that people will bring in their lists. The truth is I don’t know anyone who does in my meta. So as much as this Tactic is perfect for the personality of the Imperial Fists I can’t see it being universally good. At least not as good as the other chapters. However, it does seem that these tactics will be available to Imperial Fist Successors as well. Such as the Crimson Fists for example.

Black Templars Righteous Zeal

You can re-roll failed charge rolls for units with this Tactic

Even though the Black Templars are also an Imperial Fists successor, their way of operating is quite different. They’ve always been portrayed as bloodthirsty witch hunters in the past. This Tactic reflects that quite well. In fact a fully mechanized Black Templar army could be a nasty second turn assault army with this rule.

Salamanders Master Artisans

You can re-roll a single failed to hit roll and a single to wound roll each time a unit with this tactic shoots or fights.

This could be awesome when your units don’t have their characters nearby to buff them. All Space Marine armies have access to characters like captains that allow re-rolls to hit and chaplains that allow re-rolls to wound. However, if your units are caught without these characters nearby this is a good rule to have in a pinch. Also it means you may not need to have so many of these characters around. Could be a good one.

So as you can see Games Workshop has done a pretty good job of representing the personality of the famous Space Marine Chapters. I’m sure, in time, people will find the nasty ways to combine these rules with the new rules for the Characters and combine them with the Stratagems and Relics to make some ridiculously competitive combinations. Either way it should make all those still Loyal to the Emperor of Mankind happy to know that all their favourite chapters still have special rules.

Until our next encounter!

New Space Marine Codex – Relics

By: Kitbasha Jay

So yesterday we took a look at the new Stratagems that are going to be available to Space Marine Chapters once the new book is released. Today we’re going to look at other items that can buff your Marines. These are called Chapter Relics.

All Space Marine Chapters have a collection of Relics that either tell the history of their Chapter or of the Imperium itself. These items inspire bravery amongst the brethren or are just simply badass weapons that can cleave a Greater Daemon in half. Whatever the Chapter considers a relic, the bottom line is that these are arcane items from the ancient past that make the Chapter what it is.

Space Marine Relics

So let’s start at the beginning of the list and go through them one by one. Shall we?

The Armor Indomitus: The wearer of the Armor Indomitus has a Save characteristic of 2+ in addition once per battle before making use of the wearer’s saving throws, you can choose to activate the armour’s force-field. When you do so, the Armor Indomitus confers a 3+ invulnerable save for the remainder of the turn.

This is pretty cool. A storm shield built into a suit of Artificer Armour. The “Storm Shield” save can only be used once per battle but this is still a pretty cool item for any Space Marine Character.

The Shield Eternal: Model with a storm shield or combat shield only. The Shield Eternal replaces the models storm shield or combat shield. This relic grants the bearer a 3+ invulnerable save, and any damage they suffer is halved rounding up.

Instead of a Storm Shield save built into the armour this is simply a way better than normal Storm Shield. Not only are Storm Shields super annoying to deal with but now the damage the model suffers is reduced by half. This item will make your important characters much more survivable. Awesome! I like these relics so far.

Standard of the Emperor Ascendent: Company Ancient, Chapter Ancient, or Primaris Ancient only. If a model has the Standard of the Emperor Ascent, you can add 1 to the dice roll made to see if a friendly models within 6″ of the banner can summon the strength to make one final attack when slain. In addition within 6″ of the bearer, friendly Adeptus Astartes models automatically pass Morale test while enemy units subtract 1 from their Leadership Characteristic

Ancients are really good. As I learned when I faced Adam’s Primaris Marines with my Orks. This just made them even better. It’s annoying enough killing an enemy unit and having them all fire back at you on a 4+. This banner makes it a 3+. Yikes! on top of that it reduces the enemy’s leadership and makes it so your marines don’t run away at all….ever..bomb!

Teeth of Terra: Replaces Chainsword. Melee, S+1, AP -1, 1D. D3 additional attacks with this weapon.

So a chainsword normally gives you +1 Attack. This one give D3. On top of that it adds +1 to your Strength and -1 AP with no negative to your hit. That is the most badass chainsword ever!

The Primarch’s Wrath: Models with boltgun or master-crafted boltgun only. Range 24″ Type Rapid Fire 2, S5, AP -1, 2D.

This is pretty damn cool. You can turn a model’s boltgun into a mini Heavy Bolter. Except it does 2 Damage per shot. Almost sounds better than a Heavy Bolter.

The Burning Blade: Models with power sword or master-crafted power sword only. Melee, S+2, AP -5, 1D

Much like the above buff to boltguns this is an awesome buff to Power Sword. It basically make a Power Sword better than a Power Axe. You get the +2S without the -1 to hit. Plus AP -5. Daaamn!

Tome of Malcador: Psyker Only. Allows your character to know one additional psychic power.

This is pretty cool. Add that to the Emphyic Channeling that we talked about yesterday and a group of Librarians becomes pretty powerful. Welcome back Librarius Conclave.

Chapter Specific Relics

The Salamanders Mantle: Salamanders model only. Gives the wearer +1 Toughness.

Not bad. Could be gross if put on a model riding a bike. That would be a really hard to kill character.

Axe of Medusa: Iron hands only. Replaces Power Axe. S+2 AP -3 2D

The major difference I see here between this and a Power Axe is that it doesn’t appear to give you the -1 to hit. That could actually make this axe wicked awesome in the right hands.

Raven’s Fury: Raven Guard Jump Pack model only. The bearer of the Raven’s Fury can Advance and Charge in the same turn. Furthermore, the bearer can re-roll failed charge rolls.

That’s awesome. I know it’s only 1 model but if you have that Raven Guard character that is just meant form slicing and dicing give him this and watch him wreck face in combat after covering some serious ground in one turn.

Mantle of the Stormseer: White scars only. The leak is hard to read but it appears it makes it easier for a librarian to cast smite and unleash the “power of the storm”. whatever that means.

Hopefully we can get more information on that in the future. Right now I’m not finding much online and the leak posted above is very hard to make out. But either way we can see that they are giving White Scars a reason to take Librarians. This keeps them fluffy and fun.

The Fist of Vengeance: Crimson Fists only, replaces powerfist. Melee, S+6 AP -4, 3D

Another Item that replaces a standard weapon. This time effectively giving a model S10 instead of S8. Also giving you a straight 3 Damage. Sounds even better than a Chainfist to me.

The Sanctic Halo: Ultramarines Captain only. Bearer has a 3+ invulnerable save and can deny one psychic power in each enemy Psychic phase in the same manner as a Psyker.

This will definitely come in handy when facing a Psyker heavy armies. Not only is a 3+ Invulnerable Save a pain in the ass but it also means you don’t need as many Librarians on the field in order to counter your enemy’s psychic powers. Pretty cool!

The Crusaders Helm: Black Templar model only, The wearer increases the range of any aura abilities on its datasheet by 3″.

Wow! Some of the auras available to Space Marine characters are already awesome. Like the re-rolls to hit and such. This makes Black Templar Characters even better. I see this as being particularly handy when a unit has charged ahead into combat because you got over zealous (which is what Templars do) so that they are still within range of your awesome character buffs. Sweet!

The Spartean: Imperial Fist model with bolt pistol. Range 12″, Pistol 2, S4, Ap -1. 2D. This weapon can target enemy Characters.

The final basic weapon replacement in the list of Relics. This time it’s a 2 shot Botpistol that can target characters. Also it dishes out 2 Damage per shot. Considering most minor characters are now 4 Wounds, this could effectively take out that annoying enemy buff in 1 round of shooting. It seems the Imperial Fists are wicked good at shooting stuff. As they should be.

So those are the new relics as best we can tell at this point. As you can tell there is quite a few awesome items that will make your Space Marine characters not only more flavourful, but also much more effective on the battlefield. Check back with us tomorrow when we go over the new Chapter Tactics and how those will mesh with these Relics and the Stratagems we talked about yesterday.

Until our next encounter!

New Space Marine Codex – Stratagems

By: Kitbasha Jay

Today we’re going to take a little look at the new upcoming Space Marine Codex in more detail. Specifically we will focus on the Stratagems available to Space Marines. There is a lot that we can expect for our Space Marine armies.

This excites us here at Encounter Wargaming not only because we get awesome new rules for everyone’s favourite army, it also gives us a template for future releases. Hopefully this is an example of the kind of treatment all armies will receive in the future. The versatility of the new rules is just starting to show.

Space Marine Stratagems

So without further ado let’s take a look at the new Strategems available to all our lovely Space Marine players.

Generic Stratagems

Relic of the Chapter: 1 or 3 Command Points

Spend 1 or 3 CP to get extra Relic or two extra relics cannot be duplicate and cannot be given to the same character.

This is actually absolutely amazing and you’ll see why tomorrow when we go into the new Chapter Relics in more detail. Until then just trust me that this could change the tides of battle during a game.

Orbital Bombardment: 3 Command Points

If a Space Marine Warlord does not move or shoot, he picks a point on the battlefield and a bombardment it hits units within D6 inches of that point. The units take D3 Mortal Wounds on a 4+…5+ for Characters.

This is very similar to what Chapter Masters used to do in the last few editions. The great thing about this one is that it’s not only on Chapter Masters anymore. Any Adeptus Astartes Warlord can use it.

Hellfire Shells: 1 Command Point

A heavy bolter can fire one shot instead of 3 but it causes D3 Mortal Wounds.

For that moment when your Heavy Bolter is staring a Warlord in the face.

Wisdom of the Ancients: 1 Command Point

At the start of any phase all units with 6″ of a Dreadnought Re-roll 1s to hit.

This makes a Dreadnought heavy armies really robust. Re-rolling ones was the job of a Captain. Now your Dreadnoughts can do it too.

Auspex Scan: 2 Command Points

After an opponent sets up on the Battlefield within 12″ of a Infantry unit you can immediately shoot at the enemy unit with a -1 to hit penalty.

This is an interesting one. This could put a quick stop to any infiltrating or deep striking stuff that gets set up 9″ away. Got an annoying unit of Kommandos drop into your back lines? Spend 2 Command Points and shoot ’em dead.

Tactical Flexibility: 1 Command Point

Split any unit 10-man Infantry unit with the Combat Squads ability into 2 5-man units.

Ever feel like you couldn’t decide whether it was a good idea Combat Squading a unit or not when you deploy them? Well for 1 Command Point you can change your mind.

Flakk Missile: 1 Command Point

A single missile launcher shot causes D3 Mortal wounds to Flying units if the shot hits and the shot has +1 to hit units with Fly.

This is pretty awesome for those armies that have little to no defence from flyers. For a single command point you have a much better chance of taking that annoying Heldrake out of the air for good.

Death to the Traitors: 1 Command Point

To hit rolls of 6 in the fight phase get an extra attack against Chaos Space Marines

Basically the Death to the False Emperor rule in reverse. Basically giving Chaos a taste of their own medicine.

Only In Death Does Duty End: 2 Command Points

When a Character dies Shoot or Attack one last time. (all attacks & shots)

Effectively making your character a Noise Marine. Not sure it’s worth 2 Command Points considering how powerful some of the 1 Command Point stratagems are. But it could still make the difference in a Warlord on Warlord combat.

Armour of Contempt: 1 Command Point

For an entire phase ignore mortal wounds on +5.

We’ve all felt helpless when we get someone inflicting Mortal Wounds left, right an center. This one will definitely come in handy. Great deal for 1 Command Point.

Chapter Specific Strategems

Scions of Gulliman: 1 Command Point

Pick one infantry or Ultramarine biker unit to re-roll to hits of 1 for the rest of phase. Tactical and Intercessor units can re-roll all to hit.

This one appears to be an Ultramarine Stategem. For only 1 Command Point it seems like a pretty sweet deal to me. You’ll see when we go over Chapter Tactics later this week that this can be paired with other Ultramarine rules to make sure that annoying unit of orks that assaulted you gets shot dead.

Born in the Saddle: 1 Command Point

A White Scar Bike unit can shoot and charge after Advancing.

Another Chapter specific Stratagem. Combined with Chapter Tactics I can see White Scars armies being really tricky to pin down. As already said above, we will be taking a look at Chapter Tactics later in the week. You will really see the synergies here and how have a specific Chapter is going to be to your advantage.

Abhor the Witch: 1 Command Point

When an enemy Psyker casts a power within 14″ of a Black Templars unit they can negate the power on a 4+.

Another Chapter specific one. This time Black Templars. For one command point that could make sure that the enemy doesn’t wipe out that important objective holding unit with Smite before reinforcement arrive. Pretty cool.

Flamecraft: 1 Command Point

A Salamanders unit gets +1 to wound with flamers.

Sounds like another Chapter specific. This one really reflects the personality of the Salamanders. As if Flamers weren’t good enough in this new edition already.

Strike from the Shadows: 1 Command Point

A Ravenguard Infantry unit can deploy in reserves and before the game begins they can be deployed 9″ away from an enemy.

This is a very flavourful stratagem for the Ravenguard. Totally worth a Command Point. Used properly I can see this Stratagem being a real pain in the butt.

Machine Empathy: 1 Command Point

An Iron Hands Vehicle can ignore heavy weapon penalty, or advancing with Assault weapons for one Shooting Phase.

Another flavourful addition to the list of Stratagems. We are really beginning to see the personalities of the Chapters coming out in these rules. This is the perfect Stratagem for Iron Hands Players. Can’t wait to see how this will mesh with their Chapter Tactics.

Bolter Drill: 1 Command Point

Imperial Fist Infantry equiped with Bolters get an extra shot if they roll 6+ to hit. This applies to all varieties of Bolt Weapons.

This will make Imperial Fists armies amazing. For only 1 Command point their boaters become a weaker Tesla. Badass!

Unit Specific Strategems

Linebreaker: 1 Command Point
Your Vindicators can pick a point within 24″. Every unit within 3″ takes 3D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ (3+ on 10 or more models; 5+ for character).

This mimics the old Linebreaker Formation. Now that there’s no templates in 40k we were thinking that the old days of having 3 Vindicators giving you an Apocalypse template were over. Guess again. 3D3 Moral wounds per unit. Yikes!

Kill Shot: 1 Command Point

Predators get +1 to wound and +1 damage vs Vehicles/Monsters.

This will make a group of Predators something to be truly feared. Already in the new edition have we seen Lascannons come to the forefront. They make an awesome solution to any vehicle or large monster. This Stratagem just made those Lascannon Preds that everyone put on the shelf years ago something to be truly reckoned with. So much for my Gorkanaut.

Chapter Master: 2 Command Points

Change a Captain in to a Chapter Master replace re-roll 1s to hit with Re-roll all misses to hit.

Like are you serious? Seriously? In the middle of a game I can turn a Captain into a Chapter Master. This is starting to get a little nuts.

Cluster Mines: 1 Command Point

When Scout Bikers Fall Back they can select enemy unit 1″ away and it suffers D3 Mortal Wounds on 2+

So basically they drive backward and launch mines at the enemy. That’s pretty badass if you ask me. This makes Scout Bikes really good. D3 Mortal Wounds is a pain in the ass for only 1 Command Point.

Emphyic Channeling: 1 Command Point

Used at start of Psychic phase Psyker can cast an additional spell if within in 6″ of two other same chapter psykers at +2 to casting.

Welcome back Librarius Conclave. Nuff said.

Dataline Telemetry: 1 Command Point

If a land speeder is within 12″ of a whirldwind’s target the whirlwind hits automatically

Another Formation from he last edition. Only this time I suppose it could be used on any Land Speeder or Whirlwind. Sadly it can only be used on 1 Whirlwind a turn but it would still do a great job at making sure those shots count.

Masterful Marksmanship: 1 Command Point

Use this Strategem when a Sternguard Veteran Squad is selected to attack in the Shooting Phase. Add 1 to all wound rolls made for that unit’s special issue Boltgun attacks in that phase.

As if special issue ammunition wasn’t good enough. For 1 Command Point you can make sure that Sternguard unit does what you sent them out to do.

Honor the Chapter: 3 Command Points

At the end of the fight phase one Biker or Infantry can Fight again.

Another Stratagem that will make White Scars armies awesome. Even if it’s not White Scars Specific. Either way it makes small units of bikes a lot scarier in combat.

Temor Shells: 1 Command Point

A Thunderfire Cannon can take a -1 to hit penalty to make any unit hit by it go to half its Move, Advance, Charge distance. Doesn’t work on Titanic or Fly models.

This could be very useful on that fast unit that’s been running circles around your marines all game. Or to slow down a unit you know is going to charge you next turn. This could make Thunderfire Cannons a great addition to all Space Marine armies.

So that’s my take on the new Space Marine Stratagems. Tomorrow we’ll dive deeper into the new Space Marine Codex with a look at the new relics. It’s an exciting time to be a Space Marine player. Maybe it’s about time this writer dusts off his Space Marines and gives them a go. Or I can just wait for all the other awesome Codeces they’ve promised us over the next few months. If this is any indication of what’s to come, we at Encounter Wargaming can’t wait to see the upcoming releases.

Until our next encounter!


Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 10 – Flamers & Flyers: Tips and Tricks for 8th Edition 40k.

How many games of 8th edition have you played so far? If you have only played a couple and you are looking for a something to help you feel out the nuances of some of the strategies and tactics that have been working for us then tune in!

Nick, Paul and Adam review some of the things that have been working for them and some of the things that they have been thinking through as they journey deeper into the life of 8th edition 40k.

30k Thursday – Legion Sicaran Punisher

By: Kitbasha Jay

30K Thursday is back with another look at the new Sicaran variants. Since we talked about the Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank in last week’s Blog it is only fitting that we discuss an even cooler variant…The Sicaran Punisher Assault Tank.

Fitting name for it since it has a variant of the Punisher Cannon on it’s turret. So not only have we seen the Scorpius Launcher get placed on a Sicaran Hull, but now they’ve put a Punisher Cannon on it. OOOHHH MAN! Does this tank look awesome.

Sicaran Punisher

What an awesome cannon! Now this is a little different than the previous Punisher Cannon found on the familiar Leman Russ variant. This magnificent weapon is known as a Punisher Rotary Cannon. In Horus Heresy this translates to a 36″ Ranged S5 AP4 Heavy 18. Nice! Also if the Sicaran doesn’t move it can give the Punisher Rotary Cannon the Rending special rule. When you do this, however, it can’t fire next turn. Much like Fury of the Legion.

If you are a 40k player as well, than you have nothing to be disappointed about because it’s got rules for 8th edition as well. Very similar 36″ S5 AP-1 Heavy 18. If the Sicaran doesn’t move or advance it may re-roll all hit rolls of 1 with the Punisher Rotary Cannon. Ya you read that right. It’s even better in 40k because you can do that every turn. Bomb!

I definitely think my Iron Warriors are going to need one of these bad boys. Maybe even the Arcus Pattern too. Oh Forgeworld…you just keep releasing such awesome stuff we can’t all help but keep salivating. It must be said that Horus Heresy is proving to be an awesome game on it’s own separate from 40k. Keep the good stuff coming boys.

Until our next encounter!

Widget Wednesdays – Base Inlays by

By: Kitbasha Jay

Another Widget Wednesday, and today we’re going to be talking about base inlays. Some of you may have seen these before, others have not. The product we’re discussing are laser cut shapes, usually made of mdf or other materials, that either fit in or on your miniatures’ bases.

On my journeys through the interwebs I came across these bad boys. MDF base inlays sold by a company called Templates and Widgets. Sounds like the perfect company to feature on Widget Wednesdays wouldn’t you say?

Clockwork Inlays

The ones you see depicted here they call the Clockwork Inlays. These are absolutely magnificent. They come on an MDF sheet very similar to a laser cut terrain piece. Of course you have to provide your own bases, but man do these make rimmed bases look amazing. This is the sheet below.

Clockwork Inlays Sprue

When I first saw these the first thing I thought of was Malifaux. The truth is these would be great for Warmachine/Hordes and even Age of Sigmar. They are intended for rimmed bases but I’m sure they would make great tops for bases on a Duardin or Kharadron army. Especially these ones that are called druid base inlays.

Druid Inlay

These inlays are awesome. I look forward to more companies producing accessories like these. For now though, if you like these bases, check out Templates & Widgets online store. These inlays are not expensive by any means. So check them out when you get the urge to have some awesome Malifaux bases.

Templates & Widgets Base Inlays

I think the next Malifaux crew I do will definitely have a few of these incorporated into the faction. Maybe if I ever start a Kharadron army I can build them with some Clockwork bases. So cool!

Until our next encounter!

Black Reach Board Game – Devil Pig Games

By Kitbasha Jay

It was a shock to all of us here at Encounter Wargaming to hear that there is a Black Reach boardgame coming out and GW hasn’t even mentioned it. This may be because it’s not being designed and produced by Games Workshop. It is being put out by a company called Devil Pig games.

This came at a shock because Games Workshop has been working hard lately at producing one off board games that go alongside Warhammer 40,000. These games, though having very different rules than 40k, come with miniatures that can be used in 40k. This time it seems they’ve allowed another company to take the reigns.

This writer is not all that familiar with Devil Pig Games but they appear to be creating a pretty cool looking board game for us 40k fanatics. It seems that they are taking one of their existing popular game systems called Heroes of Normandy, and adapting it to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The game is titled Heroes of Black Reach.

Heroes of Black Reach

Devil Pig’s website advertises that the game will be available mid July. We’ve found out from outside sources that they began a pre-order on July 10th…but only available to those who were already online customers of Devil Pig before that. Apparently the rest of us won’t be able to get our pre-orders in until mid September. Even then the first run won’t be shipped out until March 2018.

I apologize if this sounds negative at all…twas not my intention. I’m actually really excited to see how this game will turn out. The truth is, the more ways to experience the grimdark the better. This game actually looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to play it. I just have little patience for waiting around. Especially when I hear such awesome news.

If you want to check this game out…and hear it from the horse’s mouth..than check out Devil Pig Games for more info.

Until our next encounter!