Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 5 – 8th Edition 40k First Games Review & Faction Focus Sisters, Space Marines, Chaos

Ladies and Gents! We got to play 8th edition for the first time and we are absolutely excited to tell you about it. We are tired from playing all day and getting terrain ready for the new store but we had an absolute blast and wanted to record this while our thoughts were fresh in our minds.

Get ready for a ride through the new game we will all enjoy for years to come. The best part might be our factions and how we feel they interact with the new rules. Factions represented in this episode, Sisters of Battle, Space Marines, and Chaos.

In the next episode the craziness with the new store will be over and all our terrain will be done AND we will have played a significant number of 8th edition games.

See you next time!

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