Primaris Marines are getting some awesome new stuff! Thanks GW!

This is an extremely exciting time in Warhammer 40,000! Not only have we seen a complete overhaul of the rules, but we are also getting a new faction, which is expanding quickly. Additionally, they have been pushing the storyline of 40k forward, which is a much needed breath of fresh air after seeing almost 30 years of static fluff.

So enough about how excited we at Encounter Wargaming are about all this. Let’s take a look at all the awesome new stuff that GW is putting out in the next few weeks!

First on the list is the new Primaris Captain. This is a spectacular model and in our opinion looks light years better than the one that comes in the Dark Imperium set. This excites us because it means that we will have access to different weapon options than what is provided in the initial launch of the Primaris Rules. Every Space Marine player will be happy to include this beautiful sculpt in their collection.

New Primaris Captain

The next model in the new releases is this badass Librarian. It boggles our minds how amazing these new Primaris models are turning out! This model absolutely blows all the existing Librarian models out of the water. Even though the current models are awesome, this is definitely a step up. So Cool!

New Primaris Librarian

The next new addition to the Primaris Line is the Reavers. We are assuming that these will effectively fill the roll of Space Marine Scouts. The modification to the MKX armour is so badass looking it made our jaws drop. Not only are these pieces clearly kitted out for infiltration but they are sporting the coolest combat blades we have seen yet. Also skull masks…so awesome!

New Primaris Reavers

Also the fact that you can see the black carapace through their armour is a sweet aesthetic. These are probably the coolest Space Marine models to date. But they won’t buy you dinner…haha

So that’s the latest on Primaris Marines. Check out the blog again tomorrow where we take a look at the new Death Guard goodies. What a great time to be a 40k gamer.

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 7 – The Dark Imperium We Find Ourselves In

We asked GW to advance the story and they have most certainly responded. We took to the books and studied up on what’s been going on in the Galaxy up until this point to help set the context for our 8th edition battles.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride as we talk about the fall of Cadia, the warp rift, Primaris Marines, and much more!

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 6 – So you want to start a gaming club?

Today is our first episode that doesn’t have 8th edition as our main topic. We do talk about all of our 8th edition games we have played and tease out a few interesting new things that we have learned with our armies BUT the main focus is STARTING A GAMING CLUB!

Over the past 2 years we have started a gaming club that has turned into something really special and there might be something that we have to offer anyone who is considering taking their gaming experience with their friends to the next level.

Strap in and enjoy the ride!

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 5 – 8th Edition 40k First Games Review & Faction Focus Sisters, Space Marines, Chaos

Ladies and Gents! We got to play 8th edition for the first time and we are absolutely excited to tell you about it. We are tired from playing all day and getting terrain ready for the new store but we had an absolute blast and wanted to record this while our thoughts were fresh in our minds.

Get ready for a ride through the new game we will all enjoy for years to come. The best part might be our factions and how we feel they interact with the new rules. Factions represented in this episode, Sisters of Battle, Space Marines, and Chaos.

In the next episode the craziness with the new store will be over and all our terrain will be done AND we will have played a significant number of 8th edition games.

See you next time!

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 4 – 8th Edition 40k Stratagems and Multiple Faction Focus

In this Episode we continue to dive deep into the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40k.

The stratagems are absolutely game changing and we can’t wait to explain how they work. As well we take a look into 3 different factions and explore the possibilities of how some of these armies might operate in the new edition.

Stay tuned for next episode where we explore some of the latest juicy leaks and reveals from the warhammer community on 8th edition. The next episode is coming out right before launch day so there will be plenty to talk about and the Inches & Cubes team might have even played a few games of 8th to be able to talk about their experience.

See you then!

Inches & Cubes Podcast Episode 3 – 8th Edition 40k Unit Profiles, Battleforged armies & Primaris Marines

Let’s get down and dirty in this episode. We cover most of the missing material that has been released this week. Our fun time at the end focus’ on the new Primaris Marines which is really exciting!

Stay tuned for next weeks episode when we cover all of the fast flowing leaks that have dropped the recently like Faction Focus’…

…the 8 pages of RULES!